Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year Plan

Lazying myself at home again. 2 more days to countdown.

So what's your planning?

Well, for us, we are going for another session of Karaoke. Lame right? Well, this will be the first time gonna spent new year eve at Karaoke. Last year lagi lame..... I spent my New Year Eve at CC playing dota. =.=" But this year will be different. Prepared some of the duet song for us to sing (consider as new to me).

吴宗宪 - 屋顶
张学友- 你最珍贵

2 more weeks and he is going back to Kuching - to sleep for two whole months!!! Maybe he will come back for Master? Maybe he will not. But that is not important anymore becoz I am finishing very soon. Wakaka.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Thinking too much?

Too be frank, after I came back from Bintulu, PP had been having this nose-bleeding occurrence everyday, till today. If I am to count it, should have been having it for almost 2 weeks liao.

I had urged him to go to GH to have a body check-up. He keep on replying, "nothing de lah, had been having it since small"

The nose-bleeding is not due to "body heat" or "nose scratching". Last week, when he was doing his work in the office, suddenly, the blood came rushing out. Strangely, the blood only flowed from his left nostril. Same thing also when he had lunch and dinner.

Each time I mention about go see doctor, he keep own rejecting the idea.

During our Christmas Eve dinner at Hai Tong Steambot.
Me: "You sure you don't want to go see doctor?"
Him: "Of courselah, this is nothing de lah, had been having it since young age, if got any problem, early early detected liao lor"
"But, the frequency of it to happened is very worrying ler"
"haiyo, even if got anything, what can I do?"
"At least can have treatment."
"If there are nothing that can be done?"
"Then can have early preparation, touch wood"
"I rather don't know what will happen. If it is to happen, then let it happen..."
"Promise me, if you still have this symptom after you go back to Kuching, you will see doctor."
"Okay, okay, you know my mum"
"Ya? why?"
"You are so like him liao lor now"
"=.=" , just promise me... okay?" 
"I promise"

I will remind his mum about his condition when he go back.... I think she will force him to go see doctor when he go back to Kuching if the condition persist.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

So it is X'mas again. This year, am supposed to go back to my hometown, but due to the event earlier, this year not going back again.

My father told me, no need to go back cause it will be a waste of time, and becoz of the happening in my family (my grandfather's departure) sowe are not celebrating it this year.

Last year, I celebrated my X'mas at CC..... playing dota..... till 3 in the morning. Next day, go to church in the morning then took a walk at KLCC.....

So wondering what will I do this year.... hmmm..... Will let PP have a deserving sleep tomolo. He had been busy with his work and also thanks to his friends' untimely visit to KL had been struggling to accompany them days by days.

19 more days before he go back to Kuching.

Hmmmm..... well to all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Santa had gave me my gift early this year, hope he will give you all yours.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mee Goreng Udang Galah

So, 1 short day stay in Bintulu make me thinking what to devour before going back to Serdang.
Kolok Mee? Laksa? Nope, I didn't choose either. Instead I chose Mee Goreng Udang Galah.

This meal is indeed a gourmet. Well for the price let next picture do the talking.
Yup, the picture didn't lie, it is RM 18.00 per plate. The noodle is cooked at a food stall on top of Bintulu Market. They had been operated for around 18 years with my family as one of the regular visitors. 18 years ago, Mee Goreng Udang Galah was around RM 6.00. Last year, it was RM 15.00. 

During weekends, customer have to wait patiently to have their seat. If you go there at 9 am, then expect to be seated at 10.... at least. 

There are many stalls around the area, but most have their business closed down due to no customer. They have cheaper price but worse taste. Well in Bintulu, people go for taste and price next. 

So, if any of you have the chances to visit Bintulu, make sure to have a stop at Chua Kee Seafood stall on Bintulu Market for their Mee Goreng Udang Galah.

5 out of 5 of course. 

Friday, December 17, 2010


Finally I am back to Serdang.

Pantang and all those stuff had passed, so now is the time to live normal life.

My grandfather was 94 when he passed away, he passed away in a very smooth and peaceful situation. After 2 weeks of hospitalization, he insisted to go back home. He mentioned about having his own house, poultry, cats, kitchen, etc etc, he want to go in his own place. Doctor had warned that, without oxygen, he is confirm to die within that 1 day. But, he, with very calm mind, accepted his fate. During his last days, he never complaint about pain or anything. He keep on teasing his children that he looked older than him (1 of my uncle compare to my grandfather) and had a big laugh.

On his last day, he also manage to buy lottery and manage to see the result and said "haiya, almost kena". After that, he went to the toilet for the last time and lie on his bed, sleeping. My relatives started to weep and they start to make a rosary prayer. Around the 4th decade before the 5th decade, he breathed his last breath. Everyone burst to tears and start crying aloud after that rosary prayer.

My grandmother passed away 20 years earlier than my grandfather. My grandfather had since led a very normal life. Entering the forest to harvest plant he grown till his late 80's. He liked to eat mangrove lobster. It had been 1 of the thing that will remind me of him forever.
He managed to get the "anointing of the sick" sacrament and do last confession to the local priest. So, I believe, as his grandson, I shouldn't be that sad on his departure but instead, celebrate his magnificent last days, he never scare of death and keep on telling others not to be saddened by his departure. Grandpa, I know u will be in better place now.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Past few days

In real, a lot happened lately. In sequence
1. Busy with MAHA held by UPM.
2. Preparing for conference held in Cameron. (cancel)
3. My research, heading toward the end. Good news, I am going to finish my whole research by next April. Convo expected in 2012.
4. My grandfather passed away. (on sunday night, peacefully in his bed when rosary was recited).

I will write them in detail. Currently is at the CC while buying some stuff to bring back home.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Are you hiding something?

This is a phrase from the World AIDS Day brochure - it contains message from Pink Triangle Malaysia.

Oh ya, yesterday went to the event, with PP. Was searching for Pikey and Brave Bear, but, Sg Wang is a very crowded place, so in the end, didn't found them. Spent very little time there - around 30 minutes I guess. PP quite don't like the place - crowded and small. Before went to Sg. Wang, we had some window shopping at Berjaya Times Square.

Now to my main post. I always heard people said "you are gay? Then you are going to have AIDS". So my question now, is AIDS, gay disease? Well, answer is No. Just because you are gay, you are not going to have AIDS if you know what to do. Everyone is at risk, even higher if they are happened to be:

i) Drug user - due to sharing used noodle with other individual - which will easily spread the virus into the blood stream
ii) Sex workers (having unprotected sex with different customers from unknown background, disease history and lifestyle.
iii) Man who have sex with man (not necessarily gay) - due to sexually active lifestyle. Male use condom when fucking a female to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Some have this misconception on condom only as a tool of preventing pregnancy thus don't use it when have sex with other male.

However, I noticed 1 thing, the brochure from the World AIDS day seems to trying pass a message for the gay people on a more careful lifestyle which is good. And is quite bold, knowing our country's authority's tolerance toward the man-to-man sexual behavior.

Ribbons from the World AIDS Day.

The message is very clear. "Always use condom during sex" and "No condom, no fuck". They also prepare free anonymous HIV screening.

For more detail:
Call 03- 4044 4611 Mon-Fri 10 am- 6 pm (Free anonymous HIV screening)
Call 03 - 4044 5455/5466 (telephone counselling on HIV/AIDS and sexuality issue)

If you are sexually active individual, you might be hiding something, knowingly or unknowingly. HIV screening can help to stop the spreading of AIDS or other STD.

p.s : was not involve with the voluntary work.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Laksa and mee curry

I missed Sarawak laksa very very much. Some of my friend told me that curry mee in Serdang taste almost the same but well, to me..... they are not!!!

I had not been to Kuching for almost 5 years liao. If you guys have the chance of going to Kuching, please don't miss a chance of going to the Golden Arch which is at the third miles. They offer you one of the best Sarawak Laksa and the prawns are very big and delicious. The gravy.... are to die for. I missed the good old day. One of my friend's family had been in laksa business for many years. He once told me, prawns shell are mixed into the gravy to enhance the taste and also to reduce the oily/greasy taste of the gravy. It is quite true as some laksa vendor sell very oily laksa thus make us potong steam.

Curry Mee in the other hand, is still okay. But till now, all the curry mee I had eaten are greasy. The taste is almost similar to Sarawak laksa but, they are not the same. Next month holiday, must go eat laksa.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Piece of thought and karaoke session

I wonder how many of you ever thought, for example, let say cancer, will you tell your family and friends that you have one?

Let say, you already in the final stage and there is no hope for recovery, will you break the news to your family and friends? For me, if I am to be diagnose for one (touch wood), and I will be the only person who knew it beside my doctor, I will not tell my family.

My best friend died of one, few of my family members also died of it. I had seen their pain and suffering during the chemotherapy. I was told also, it will be more painful death if you don't do any treatment. But it will be more painful to see ur mum wept for you even before u die. If I am to be in that situation, I will not take chemo. People will die eventually, I will choose a more natural way.

They may have the right to know, but to see them happy and lead normal life before your  "departure" will be the priority.

Now come 1 important part, what about your darkest secret? Your parents' son is a gay, will you go out of closet to your family if you were told to only have let say 3 more months to go? Some of us opt to bring our secret to our grave, so that our parents' son is remembered to be a good son, who don't have the chance to get married, having kid due to sickness.  Some will bet and put it all in. Knowing there is nothing to lose. What will you choose?

For those who have a couple or a partner, how will your family treat them? Will they accept the person as their "in-law"? Will they let him to mourn for you as your "spouse"? Uncertainty, uncertainty, uncertainty....
At least Leslie Cheung managed to let his lover to mourn for him as his spouse.
Just to think of.

Last Tuesday, I went for karaoke with PP at Neway, his first time going karaoke. We went with our housemate. Had a hard time to bring him for karaoke. He said, he was phobia with mic wor, shy to sing with friend wor. But then manage to convince him jugalah, My persuasive power was quite amazing.

Anyway, my compulsory songs are:
1 无可救药 - 品冠
2 江湖笑 - 周华健
3 So What - Pink
4. My Way - Frank Sinatra
5. New York, New York - Frank Sinatra
6. It's my life - Bon Jovi
etc etc.... (the songs are quite old =.=")

That night we sang duet for
1. Love me tender - Elvis?!!!
2. Beauty and the beast - Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson
3. At the beginning - Richard Marx and forgot-who-liao

Then he sang a song for me... wonder it has hidden meaning or not?
1. 来不及 - 罗忆诗

I video taped it as this is "supposed" to be his solo song till interrupted by my other housemate.
I never heard this song before. So I didn't check the lyric, just now I watch the youtube version, seems like the song is quite sad. Dunno is a good sign or a bad one?

Anyway, 7 hours of karaoke session 7:45 till 3 a.m.

The song he sang

Monday, November 15, 2010

Uncle visit

Last week, my temper was really..... bad. Cold treatment, hurtful remark, uttering nonsense and occasionally making what my mum refer as the "vengeful eye" - red and "sharp" macam mahu pick a fight type of eye.
Erm...... now okay liao lar.

I guess it was caused by few factors:
1. I drastically reduce my food intake a.k.a having diet - will somehow affect your mood. Hungry people somehow get angry easier.
2. Stressed with my research. Dahlar hungry, but I dun give in for the food temptation.
3. Uncertain weather -tetiba panas, tetiba hujan. Rocks also will break. Somehow, this make me moody.

My mood swing really change very very very very very fast.

So I somehow
1. take a break from my diet for a while, will try to reduce it slowly. Kuruskan badan memang susah... : (     last friday, kena belanja by kawan for fatty bakuteh at Puchong there. haiz.... memang memang susah.
2. Take a break from it for now. Continue after cuti raya haji.
3. Hujan.... ponteng jer, tidor kat rumah.

So practically, i am giving myself an excuse to lazy around after 2 busy weeks.

Currently, my mind is very clear and calm. I am still 25 but my mind and body seems to age faster. Time to rejuvenate my body and mind and soul. For health of course.

About  PP, well, his work scheduale currently is still manageable. My supervisor offered him a title for research under her grant - with pay sumore. Study and get paid 1500/mth. He still reconsidering. New mission for me. Hmmmmm......

Thx to my research scheduale, we didn't go outing this week. However, I was planning for a karaoke session this Tuesday at Neway. he never went for a karaoke session before.

Happy Monday guys. Just to conclude today's post.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

So finally

1. So sorry for the not updating my blogs. First of all, happy deepavali to all Hindus out there. Ya, he is here, my dear is here.

2. Was busy walking around last week - Berjaya Times Square, Pavilion, Sungei Wang, Low Yat...Was planning to go to Midvaley and The Garden but, that can wait.

3. Today was his third day working with my supervisor. He supposed to sit for KPLI exam this Saturday at Kota Samarahan, but, since he is here, well, may as well fong it a fei gei. (yes, my plans work half way, wakaka)

4. No, we don't sleep together, in the same house but, in different room. My room is smaller and warmer, one of the housemate is facing financial problem so, he requested for him to stay in his room. As reluctant as i was, but after he agreed and as I consider all the situation,  he slept in that housemate's room - bigger room. I also suggest to switch room, but he has more stuff so, hmmmm, unless a new person is to come, then thats it. But somehow, that won't stop our you-know-what when noone is watching. End of the month, that particular housemate will be going for practical for 7 weeks, so, that room, practically will be ours - evil me. ";..;" Among my housemates, I acted straight.

5. That particular housemate was at his hometown during that week as it is study week. So, we have the room for ourselve till Saturday. Our first night here is not as what I expected, he is so damn tired of packing his stuff and the journey, he slept like a pig, a cute pig. but the next night is different as the beast in me was released and well let say, i was never happier in this 2 long LDR years. Third night was an encore.

6. I don't mind go all out (among friends not family), but seems like he still want to be discreet. Can't force him on that part. So, need to well behave at home alsolar like that.

7. Kissing and caressing can be done when the housemate is not around. A bit is better than none.

8. Seriously was thinking of moving out, but all depends to how long he will stay here. So far, he will confirmed to stay for 2 months. Bad timing, as that time would be CNY, and he might go back and will decide to stay back at home, unless if I can persuade him to stay longer.

9. However, I sense something is a bit wrong. i hope my instinct is wrong. Seems like, if this plan does not work, there will be a great changes within us. My instinct is telling me that if he go back this time, our relationship will be in jeopardy.

10. I love him very much, and I don't want this to end. i don't know what to do if this is to end.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tomorrow, tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the day.

His flight will be 2 pm de. his flight estimated to reach around 3:30. so I will go to airport by bus around 2 pm. so will reach there 3 pm.  Wait extra 30 minute will be better than him waiting for me. Then from airport will go back let say at 4pm. arrive KL sentral 5 pm. Bad timing cause will be peak hour. So, for 2 person with big luggage, I guess will take a walk around first or, get a taxi. Let see how he will decide. 7-8pm onward would be a good timing to go back.

So, tonight, I want to sleep, but I couldn't sleep. For all this lonely months, his bolster had been my sleeping partner and consider as 1 of my treasures. Now, the owner of the bolster will be around, and I already have new things to hug every night ler. Bolster, dun get jealous yea ^^, you had done your job~

Me: Ei, tomolo, dun forget your matric card oso. You can get discount at certain places like the cinema.
Him: Oh, ok, 
Ah ya, don't forget my kolok mee.
Sure, eat fat die you. hahahaha
Lab coat, you will bring your own or share the lab's one?
Eeee, dun wan wear labs punya. i will bring my owns. 
Pencil case, ekk, no need, can buy from here. 
Arrr, if still got space will bring. If not buy there lar. 

Anyway, sleep early, wake early. Time go faster. 
New chapter opening tomolo.
Can't wait~

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Coming out

Beside people who read this blog, I had finally manage to come out to certain people in my life. I mean people who knows me, for long time.

The first person I manage to come out with is a friend whom I shud call S. In fact, I shouldn't say I come out to him. I found out about his blog when he commented on another bloggers post. Then I go check his blog and saw his picture, after that checking all the blogs he'd been following then I said to myself "throw yourself into Yellow River also won't make urself clear"

But great thing is, now I have my own plu friends. No longer only PP and my own world. I mean, at least I have someone to talk to, about my secret, feelings etc etc etc. So instead of coming out to him, we come out to each other, so cannot say is coming out yet lar.

Then, the next person whom I came out with is another friend whom I shud just call Pete. Last week, we went for pasta-ing. and I mentioned the reason for the pasta-ing is to survey the taste for PP. Then all out of sudden he ask, "are you les? (instead of gay)" I didn't deny straight, I ask him back what he think? He say ya, all my action on how caring I am toward a guy really make me look gay. So I admit.

At first the question is a joke, then, suddenly I being serious of the matter, surprises him. Then he ask me of all the normal question a straight guy asked. Oh yeah, this guy is cute and straight.  The first question he asked is
"So who is the person who poked and being poked" (what he meant is bottom and top)
"How does it feel compare to poking a girl?" (ya, I lost my virginity to a female friend when I was 16)
"So, you two ever planned to get married?"
"Wasn't it wrong for the Christian?"
Pete is still a virgin according to him. Well normal occurrence for 18 years old Sarawakian.
From his reaction, my sexuality won't bother much of our friendship.

But, it will take another many many years for me to come out to my family. Not yet to my homophobic brother, not to my high-blood pressure dad, and definitely not to my super religious mum (it might turn into another "Prayer for Bobby"). When the right time comes, I will just do it according to the situation. They won't kick me out of the house, but the shocking news will kill them... and me.... literally.

So that is my coming out of closet story. So what about yours? So, in the mean times, among the people I knew, 2 person had known about my not-so-little secret.  

Monday, November 1, 2010

My dear

I like:
Your silliness,
your warmth,
your cuteness,
your lips,
your smell,
your touch,
your smile,
cuddling with you all night,
hugging you in your sleep,
planting a kiss on your forehead when you sleep
seeing you sleeping before me,
when I am the first person you see when you woke up,

~lets not talk about sex, that will take the whole blog post ~

I don't mind:
going thru all the trouble, planning for you
when you don't pick up my call,
when you hugged other girls for cam whoring,
Your stubbornness,
if you never grow up being matured
when you did exactly opposite of my wish
Being scolded by you, because that is to remind me

I hate it:
when you don't listen
when you misunderstood my action,
when you reject my help's offer,
when you are away so far from me,
when you cried and never tell me,
when you're in trouble and never tell me,
when I know about your problems, only from our friends,
when you make your decision so last minute,
when you never plan anything for yourself

I prayed:
You never find out how I manipulate your decision making,
you will never ever leave me
you will never changed to worse,
we can celebrate 25th anniversary together, in the future, and more
If we are to separate, I will be the one leaving instead of you leaving me.
If I am to leave earlier, you will be happy always, keeping me alive in your hearts
If you are to leave earlier than me, God will allow me to change my life for yours.

For now:
Lets cherish our life together,
our partnership to be stronger,
that you will rely more to me,
let me spoil you,

I love you, and will never fail to tell that to you every day.

3 more nights, This Thursday, it will be a new chapter of our life.
Even if it is only for a month or so,
I will try make the time worthy for you,
and try to make you stay longer,
even if you got another offer.
I will try to make you smile daily,
sharing the work load together.
I really love you.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating my blog for a while. A busy week coz helping my supervisor preparing her presentation slide to Taiwan.

During the weekend, I go surveying for spaghetti. So on Friday, I go try MV's Delicious' Duck Confit Spaghetti and on Saturday, I go tried 1U's The Italiannese. Some may ask why go 1U for The Italiannese since MV also got, well 1st, I never went to 1U before, so, I went to survey the place with a friend to walk me around.  2nd, I remember Carpe Diem mentioning about The Checkers at Damansara Height, so was thinking of going there for dinner, well turns out having Karaoke with friends instead.

First of all, due to my own diet programme, my food portion had shrink on its own. a plate of pasta seems too much for me so, I had to share that friend of mine with the plate of pasta I was eating. Amazingly, I was full the whole day.

Duck Confit Spaghetti:

The taste is "special". I mean, I never had tasted this type of spaghetti before. let divide the spaghetti into 3 parts - the pasta and the duck confit . The pasta (or should I say noodle) is nicely cooked, Neither too soggy, nor too hard to chew, just nice. 8/10
The duck confit - to me, the taste is really nice. served together with the sun-dried tomato, it is really nice and would like to make you taste it more. 8.5/10
Personally, I like the taste. 8/10 for overall. 
But the gravy is a bit oily - a category which my Dear don't like.
But I bet, he never tried this type of taste before, so I will definitely bring him here next week. 
Price: RM 24.90

The Death by Iced Chocolate
Not recommended for consumption.
Price: 10.90 

The Italiannese
My cousin suggest me this place. She mention something about Set A which cost RM60, but can feed up to 3 ppl. Well, I went there on Saturday, I can't find set A, instead i order the promotion 2 course meal. 

The two course I ordered are Penne Bolognese as the main course and Pizza Caprese. 
Penne Bolognese: The exact taste that my Dear would love. Soury. With the blend of the beef and tomato. I think for the Italian food, he never tried anything non-noodle like. So it will be a new experience for him. 
The pasta: I can't rate it because I would be bias since i can't compare with other samples. 
The meat sauce: Well, I like the taste. 7.5/10

Personally, I also like this pasta. The meat sauce is quite nice. but the portion quite big.
He would love this pasta. I mean this is the type that he liked
Beefy, tomato, spaghetti
Some pasta, he complaint not that generous with the tomato puree and beef. but this definitely will 
make to his heart content. 
Iced Caffe' macchiato 
no comment
better order fruit juice
The thin crust pizza is quite nice.
I added the meat sauce to make it tastier. 

If we go to MV, I will bring him to the Delicious' cafe and Alexis. If we were to go to Damansara I will bring hi to Studio 89, ekk, I mean to the Italiannese at 1U.
Today? Today is a rest day for me~
4 more nights till he reached KL~ 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Airasia offer

Sorry for the absence. Busy week. Now I know why my super want him to come by this week. She needs someone to prepare her presentation slide in Taiwan. So.... I became the victim... Nvm, I am a filial son.

So the date is set. He will come on the 4th of November. I booked his ticket yesterday. Already clean my room and gotten a free bigger bed from a friend. Next to buy is pillows. 9 more days to go. Can't really wait for the time to pass by.

Anyway, today, Airasia launch another sale but I wonder to how many destinations? Well at least my hometown and Kuching are 1 of those places. So I had booked a ticket back to Bintulu for X'mas. from 24th to the 1st. Can't leave Serdang too long... someone will be waiting for a whole week. I didn't go back last year to celebrate with my family, so this year, it is fair if I go back to celebrate with them. Return air ticket is around RM121 instead of normal RM5++.

Just from my heart... In fact, I prefer to go back during CNY instead of X'mas. becoz, everyone is going back for CNY in my home. X'mas, I am the only one going back. But good news is (or shud I say there is chance), PP may not go back for CNY. I asked him today if he would like to book ticket for CNY, but he said see first, dunno want to go back or not for CNY. And if he dun book ticket till 31st of October, the CNY ticket will be RM5++/6++ (return ticket) also for airasia.  Then he won't be going back and we will have the whole house all for ourself. This year, I spent my CNY alone wandering at MV, KLCC, BTS and Pavillion. So next year, I may have a person whom I love the most to go through the CNY together.

The promo ticket is from Bintulu to KL (as low as RM20), Kuching to KL/Johor Bharu/Penang (as low as RM40) These is all that I knew.  The flying period is from 28th November to 11th August next year.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

In 2 weeks time or less....

This afternoon, I had this routine meeting with my supervisor. Suddenly she recalled about hiring my dear to do her paper work. She asked if he can reached by next week or not? So, I excuse myself to make a phonecall to him. Luckily, today, he is on weekly compulsory holiday. 

........ I skipped earlier part to get straight to the point of conversation. 
Me: My super asked if you can arrive by next week or not? Because she will be away to Taiwan till 7th November starting next Friday. So while she is away, she expect to leave the work for you and you can use her office.   
PP: No, impossible. I promised my friend to help her in her shop from 28th to 31th this month. Cannot, cannot. (he sounded cute when he panicked)
Then I will tell her that you cannot make it next week. I will try to find excusesThen next thing, I checked the air ticket, seems like 4th November is the best time for you to arrive here. the next cheaper price ticket is at 4:15 pm instead of 5:45 pm. Or if you want, you can take 6:15 am de flight, but I think that is too early for you.
ya, 6:15 is too early. i will check the air ticket later.
Make sure you reach latest by 8th November.
Ya, sure.
........ ended with some conversation I am reluctant to post. 

So he will arrived here latest by 5th (6th, 7th are more expensive as they are on weekends). I expect him to reach on the 4th but maybe, he will reach earlier than that. Who knows? But not earlier than 31st. So if calculate by time.... that will be exactly 2 weeks from now. 

Yeepee. Can't wait. Time goes slower when you want them to go faster, and faster when you want them to stop. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

I go diet but he get thinner......

So last nite, two of my junior went back to Sibu from their convocation. There, they go yamcha with PP. So I was eager about their yamcha-ing. I sent my message to one of them and there is no reply..... till this morning.
So I call him

Me: So how was the yamcha? Got take any picture mah?
Fren: No picture because it is just a normal supper....
Huh? So how was PP? 
He is getting thinner...
WHAT?!!! Last time already very thin wor.
This time even thinner.
OMG, howbout his hair? 
Never cut since last time we met.
Oh, like that I know how he looks like now....

In fact lately, when I called him, he never tell me anything much....His voice sound sickly...... Oh my...... Looks like I make a good decision making him coming here to work/stay with me.... at least I can jaga him.

PP, you better eat well when you stay with me!!! And finish my share of food for me!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Heal your heart with time.

For the straight : Boys meets girls, girls like boys, they dated, they broke up. And the circle continue until they get married. Even marriage sometimes not the end road as they can choose divorce and restart the circle again. 

For the gay: Boys meet boys, they have sex, they dated, they broke up. The circle continues unless if they can face all the challenge in life together, tolerate with each other, give and take. Marriage is not really necessary and they can live happily ever after. 
But the post today is not to discuss the difference between gays and straight, but it is more about how to handle break up. Lately, few of my friends broke up with their gf and some identified plu still can't move on after broke up with their bf.

Well my advice for them is:
1. Go sleep. After wake up, call me, we go yamcha. Not now, but after your next sleep. Make sure you wake up.  - usually this advice is for those who kena dumped by their ex and the ex is their first love.

In fact the best medicine for broken heart is time. Well, at least thats what they told me. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

1 Month of Blogging.

So, 1 month after Malaysia day, 1 month of blogging.

After October, nothing much can be expected. Except, Christmas in 25th December and New Year Eve. Will have to plan first what to do during these 2 occasions.

Malacca and Penang also will be in planning. Hotel need to be booked beforehand. Genting is in consideration.
Thx to all who read my blog.

1 more month to go. For now, I will do all the preparation for him to come.

This weekend is boring boring weekend. Nothing much to do.

Friday, October 15, 2010

SKINS - Maxxie Oliver

So he resigned liao from his current job. Will arrive here at mid of November. For the time being like Pikey and William say, patience.

Oh ya, anyone knows good place for pasta/spaghetti? Any suggestion will be dearly appreciated. Because, PP like pasta the most of all food. So far, I only have Papa John's in mind. : )
So today I would like to post on TV series (can be watch from youtube).

I wonder if you guys had watched the series "Skins" before. Well for those who haven't, can search the series in youtube. Well like usual, I will write about the gay character in the drama. Well the openly gay character is Maxxie Oliver casted by Mitch Hewer.

How to describe him.... he is Hawt, he is Cute and he is Sexy. The character is not the main character of the series, but it has a lot of plot, interesting plots - Maxxie and Anwar (homophobic but an alcoholic muslim), Maxxie and Tony (A very complicated character), Maxxie and Sketch (his stalker - who don almost anything to get Maxxie for herself) and finally Maxxie and James (later his boyfriend). There are also part where Maxxie abused by the "young lads" and chased by them later on.  Anyhow, this series is worth watching, Maxxie's arches alone are good enough, there are other arches involving other characters such as Tony Stonem, Sid, Chris who is having affair with his teacher, Anwar, Sketch Michelle (who suffered from dyslexia) and many more. The series is still ongoing.

I dun own this video any credit goes to the creator of Skins 
Maxxie Introduce James to his class.
Can I introduce my PP to my labmate the way he do? Well maybe can if we are at oversea, M'sia is still not that open yet.

I dun own this video any credit goes to the creator of Skins 

The story on how Maxxie and James meets with Sketch (the stalker) trying to ruin their chances. Worth your 6 minute watching. There is 1 phrase in this video that I like "She is not my girlfriends, i don't do girlfriend" hahaha, and I used to use this answer my friend jokingly.

Can't post the vid from youtube. The embbed code had disabled due to request. : (

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kikyo Japanese Restaurant

My first approach failed. My coursemate's supervisor will finish his contract tis year. need to look elsewhere. I know nothing is too good to be true. Haiz......... Must not give up.


So today I went to Kikyo Japanese Restaurant. The promotion - RM 29.90/pax is still on till date announced. 

The business start at 6:30 p.m and last order is to be made at 10:00 p.m
Everything is okay there. The workers look a bit unfriendly but in fact they are very friendly to us.
So far Kikyo Japanese Restaurant is the third Japanese Sushi Buffet I went to - 1st one is Jogoya and 2nd one is Saikaki Sushi Buffet. But I would rather call the food here "all you can eat" ala carte, rather than normal, all you can take and finish buffet. The food need to be ordered before hand.
The drinks is not included in the price tag, green tea is free refill at price of RM 1.00/ pax. 
Salmon Sashimi
Unagi - 2 sets
Salmon tepanyaki - 1 set
And many more.
You guys should try it out while the offer is still on.
Food: 3.5 out of 5
Service: 4 out of 5
Comfy: 4 out of 5
Price: 5 out of 5
I think my table ate more than any table combined tonight, time to burn of all the calory.

Weekend - Friday, Saturday and Sunday confirm full so need booking
Weekday - in fact today oso full but usually no need booking

Address and contact:
Kikyo Japanese Restaurant
No. 10, Jalan Puteri 2/2,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong,
(In front of Awet Thai Cafe)

Telephone: 603-8060 1766
Fax: 603-8060 6766

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bernat Quintana

Nothing special to write about, so I will just post about some gay-related drama I came across with. I came across this actor when I typed "gay kiss" in Youtube (around 3 years ago). I knew about him after I was in relationship, no i think is before I confessed to him (this guy's acting seems like have a bit of effect on me that time). I know, I know, I was young that time, never really "kiss" another guy (just lip-locked), grow up in homophobic community (in Sarawak, it is so very much different than peninsular). Well lets go to the topic of today's post.

Young Max
(I found him hot throughout the series and loyal and loving too)

Bernat Quintana is best known for his role as "Max" in "El Cor de la Ciutat" (Heart of the City) a Catalan soap drama (he act in the drama up till last year and never reappear in next seasons (9th season). However, in the soap drama, there are few arch/stories on his love life. Well I think, you should all watch by yourself.
This is one of the fan-made video compiling his (Max) romantic life with Enric (ex-boyfriend). I had been following his drama since then. A lot can be learn in fact (boys meets boys, commitment, public acceptance, open relationship etc etc etc). Well enjoy

p.s: If wanna watch the drama in youtube, simply type "Max and Enric"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mating season?

Is it mating season or what? Seems like >80% of my friends recently changes their relationship status from single to "in relationship" (in facebook).

My status in facebook will remain "single" for now to avoid further investigation. Just found out 1 of my friend being plu too today. Looks like I find an ally. In my campus, we need to be very discreet about the "plu" stuff. Not many dare to come out (include me) because the society are indeed very homophobic (from place I came from - unlike in KL).

Hmmm...... for those who just in relationship, this song is not bad. It may be old, but it is perfect.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tick.... Tock...

6 more weeks before the semester end. Meaning 8 more weeks before i get evaluated for my third semester. I really envy other supervisor because, they will just give "memuaskan" by the end of the semester as long as your research have progress.

Mine have progress in my own pace of course and it is very fast. Dr, i did my job, when I dun have anythg to do, I will ponteng of cos..... no point staying in lab 8am-5pm without anythg to do and without pay (purposely dun minta GRF* Graduate Research Fund so that I can go to lab in my own time without any restriction).

Right now I am self-finance with pocket money from parents and brother. My fees is paid by the Datuk XXX Foundation from Sarawak. The deal from the Datuk XXX Foundation  is to keep ur pointer above 3.00 and work anywhere in Sarawak for minimum 1 year with any company after finish studying. Pretty easy.

Tick tock....

My nerdy pocket watch

I better get started with my second study within these 4 weeks. As long as my second study start, I will confirm to have a "memuaskan" for my third semester progress.......

My first study took me more than 1 year to complete and it only involves those boring classes + analysis. 6 months for my laboratory apparatus and chemical to arrive. Second study is set to finish within 40 days and another 1 month for the analysis. Good news is, I can start collecting my raw materials after i give my ghant chart and first study data to my supervisor. Bad thing is I am still rushing to finish all those reports.

Tick tock,

Monday, September 27, 2010


I had been trying to learn French and Japanese on my own. I bought my Japanese language book and French for Dummies few months back from Kinokuniya. 

Hmmmm...... i had been trying to learn these two foreign languages and still fail till now.  In fact, even though I had been staying in Serdang for more than 1 year, I still can converse in Cantonese!!!! Sad isn't it. PP is a Cantonese from Sarawak. Before he started working, I try to learn speak in Cantonese, ended up sound very very weird and kena gelak. Once gelak, habis lor. My housemate is also a Cantonese from Perak. Each time trying to converse in cantonese..... sure kena gelak one. Then due to high ego, I speak back in Mandarin.

After weeks of trying to learn speaking in Cantonese, I gave up or should I say, I "postponed" my learning process.

I still failed to learn extra language or dialect. Hmmm, next semester, I will try to register into language course to learn either French or Japanese. Hmmmm........Bonjour and Sayonara. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

So which one?

To be honest and be your real self
     or keep on denying about who you really are?

To be a coward by ending your life to stop the torment in your heart
    or brave enough to live another tormenting day?

To risk jeopardizing your friendship by confessing your love to him
    or keep on having your crush on him which will lead to nowhere?

To be the first one to say "I love you"
     or wait if he will say it to you?

To chase your dream thousand of mile away from your loved one
    or to stay with your loved one even though he say it's okay? 

To endure a long distance relationship
     or to end a potential long-term relationship?

To have sex with people you barely knows
     or to make love with people you loved?

To tell your loved one the truth and hurt them
     or living a lie and cry yourself to sleep?

To come out from closet and risk being isolated by family
     or relieved of all the secret you are keeping for all this years?

To hurt your mum feeling about your darkest secret
     or taking a chance that she will accept you?

To continue screwed long-term relationship
    or to accept third party's love who promise you happiness?

To continue love one another like there is no tomorrow
     or stop it as religion forbids?

To read this and admit it's about you
    or to pretend that you don't care but you really do?

Saturday, September 25, 2010


People (plu, straight, guy, gal, single, couples etc)
 likes to involve in complicated situation
People around them can see the obvious,
but why can't they?

When you face problems
and you need to make a decision
 this is what you should do
make a list
Pro and cons

When you make a list of pro and cons,
sometime you will see how silly you are if you continue with your plan
Some decision are made based on risk,
some based on logic
Some are just being stupid.

sometimes i wonder why human is at the top of the food chain~

Well, putting that aside,
Some of my friends came out to their family ended up being isolated. Come on, Maybe their sexual orientation are different, they are still your sons. The one that used to make you laugh, the one that you know for his entire life, the one that cried to you when he has problems. 
But, I chose not to come out  to my family yet.
Too many cons (well that will be another story),
Too many unknowns 
 Some are lucky, 
Accepted even by their in-laws (if you know who I am talking about)

Tackle the problem~
Don't let the problem tackle you
Make the right decision,
Follow your hearts,
but sometimes ask your brain.
If both cannot make any conclusion, make the list!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

我和他的99天 (Our 99 days)

I wonder how many had watched this drama before. The drama was casted by dj's from The drama is kinda amateurish but it is quite nice and maybe reminiscent to some of the plu out there.

The story revolves around the gay community in Hong Kong.  It depicts the dilemma and problem faced by most queer during their adolescent or when they started to enter the gay circle before settled down. There are stories involving gay being bullied, isolated by family, unable to find stable relationship, too attach to previous relationships, and many more. However the drama is quite short, made up of 8 episodes and each episode about 10- 15 minutes.

One of the main points in the story is to stress on importance of safe sex (for those who like to dicking around). The title <Our 99 days> is taken on the encounter of a character on his boyfriend final 99 days before his dead due to AIDS. The story also reminds us all that despite having fun, when troubles come, we all want to turn back times before it happened.


Ben: Portrayed to be matured and still in grief on the death of his boyfriend, Zac. After Zac's death, he opened a blog entitle 我和他的99天 (Our 99 days).

Mike: After failed in his previous relationships, he ought to fun instead of love. Was labelled as "hamsap sei gay lou" by Chris. He was said to like "flirting with gorgeous guy" by Don.

Jerry: Despite being very famous among the gay community in HK, he is deeply in love with Mike.

Don: A friend of Tom. Victim of bully in his school after he came out of closet. He is very comfortable with his sexuality and don't mind showing his queer's side around Tom.

Chris: He is very new in the scene (involves in gay relationships and any activity related)

Zac: Ben's ex-boyfriend. The title of the drama is taken from the story of the last days between Ben and Zac.        Zac died of AIDS.

Tom: Dora's younger sister and Don's best friend. He had been in hiding his sexuality orientation from his family and friends. He also had been into 14 relationships despite being in the scene for 4 years (4 relationships in 10 years) and is still a high school student.

Dora: Tom's older sister. A cool sister that any plu would like to have - understanding and very supportive.

How to get the drama:
1. It is available in Youtube together with English Subtitles. Just type "我和他的99天 " The drama is in Cantonese but the subtitle will be of a great help for the non-cantonese speaking audience.

A scene in the opening theme


Saturday, September 18, 2010

KL, Food and I (2)

This post is again related to my first visit to KL 3 years ago.

After my trip, I will be back to Sarawak for my practical course which is in Mukah and will it will ate up my whole holiday period. So I will have to be careful with my budget even though Uncle Lim had given me extra to spend. If you all remember, during that period, the petrol price also hike up. But that will be another different story.

In Sarawak, fast food outlet that we have (during that time) are KFC, Pizza Hut, Marrie Brown (Miri and Bintulu only), Mc Donald (Miri, Sibu and Kch only) and Sugarbun (not available in peninsular). So as for the remaining 3 days, I also spend a bit of time at Papa John, Dunkin' Donut and other outlets. Oh ya, we also don't have Star Buck in Sarawak. A big state but very limited choice of places to go.

I was staying at Tunes Hotel in this Medan Tuanku during that period. As a student with big budget in hand I also did some shopping. The most memorable place I shopped at is at the Sogos. Ulu people in KL memang like that 1.

Shopping punya shopping, I did not forget to buy my PP punya clothing. Ya, we had just started to have relationship that time. He is taller than me about 174 and is very very slim. Luckily, CS is having the same body size. If not, I would have to guess his shirts, and pants size. Well I bought those as a surprise for him and guess what all those cloth really fits when I reach Sarawak.

My last dinner in KL (during the trip) is at Jalan Alor at Bukit Bintang. I can remember the crabs, the prawns and also the price tag. But again thanks to Uncle Lim ^^ - I barely brought back RM 2000+ and barely survived my practical due to the increase in petrol price.

So there goes my first trip to KL. Oh ya, PP didn't join the trip because our time table are different. During the trip, he was having his final semester examination and ended when we head back to Sarawak. I would have been great if he was to join us. But after my practical, I also prepared a surprise for him - using my influence, I manage to switch blocks and become his room mate - commemorate the starting of my most unforgettable final year in my campus.

Friday, September 17, 2010

KL, Food and I (1)

I am from Sarawak. I like good food. However, in Sarawak, if you don't know how to search, you won't be able to find a good place to eat.

My first time to KL is in the year 2007. 6 days 5 nights trip. The trip was joined by HK, his younger brother and sister, his gf, his two other friends -which I had forgotten their name, XY and me. My first night is spent at none other on Genting. Stayed there for 2 nights. The next 3 nights is spent in KL at Tunes Hotel.

As a student, my budget is not that much - planning for RM500 for the whole course (include flight ticket). However as a person who grew up in a family exposed to all types of gambling, I manage to get Mr Lim Goh Tong to sponsor my trip there. So instead of RM 500 for whole trip, I got a whooping RM 5000 for the whole trip.

One of my friend, HK mentioned about a place famous of sushi buffet in Bukit Bintang. So I surfed the internet and found out the place is called Jogoya. Thats how I first fell in love with Jogoya. On the night going to Jogoya, HK ffk (fong fei kay) and instead he went to Sunway. So in the end, I went there with XY and a friend who just arrived to KL, my current housemate, CS.

In Sarawak, sushi is not really easy to find compare to nowadays. Before that visit, I only ate cucumber sushi from my school fair (sad right?). My first dish in Jogoya is the salmon sushi and other sushi. Some may say I am stupid, but come on, as a person who never tasted sushi before, that justified my choice.

Next stop is Oyster and other sashimi. In the same time, I also ordered hand rolls, shark fin soups and the chicken soups. 1 specialty in Jogoya is the coconut. very refreshing. Besides that is the Haargen daz ice cream ^^ .

I had been searching for the pix from that trip but seems like, the pictures had been gone forever.

Well so far I had been to Jogoya for 3 times. i wonder when will be my next time to Jogoya.  

About me

Nothing much to say in fact. Currently I am doing my postgraduate in a local university in Malaysia (UPM there). My field is on soil fertility but will mainly dealt with earthworm and vermicompost. Ever since I finish my secondary school, I had this type of bad habit in scoring enough-enough in my study. Thing is, people seems to sacrifice a lot of their time in study and neglect a lot of fun. I rather score 70-79 without studying than 80-90 sacrificing a lot of my time memorizing my notes @@. So resultwise I am in the average group and non-studious group.

My past time activity is mainly spent in front of my laptop. I enjoy playing games especially dota (defense of the ancients). My favorite character is Kardel Sharpeye a.k.a Sniper. Some people said the hero reminds me to them.... short (T_T).  Compare to my friends, I prefer playing without short key (in fact I never uses 1). This year commemorate my sixth years in the game (pub-gamers).

I like making jokes - cold and dirty jokes...... Some people likes it. Some people annoyed by me from time to time. I loved Xiao Zhong (小钟) joke. Cold but cute. Hahahahaha. Dun forget our very own Mr Jacky Wu also.

Whizkid is a nickname which people used to called me beside ET, sotong (why sotong? I still dun understand), old fox or 老狐狸 (among my chess friend long long time ago) and many more. I am used to any of these nickname.

Books, is comic considered as book? Well if non pictorial book, I used to like detective stories and never tired of the supernatural stories.  I also love history and religion book or should I say book on mythology. My favorite author is Jin Yong 金庸 and I love reading his book on The Condor Heroes (神鵰侠侣), Duke of Mount Deer (鹿鼎记)and The State of Dignity (笑傲江湖). I also enjoy watching dramas made out of these novel.

My favorite color is blue and my favorite number is 9. My favorite movie of all time is Karate Kid - Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio version. Favourite HK drama of all time is The Divine Retribution or 大时代. My favourite series used to be the X-file but for now, I also loved Ugly Betty, Heroes and Glee (wtf?!).

I enjoy eating and watching movies (who doesn't? Provided they can support their spending). Well for now I think thats all from me.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My first post

So after few weeks (months) of visiting some local interesting blogs, I had decided to create my own blog on Malaysia Day (patriotic, ain't I?).

As my blog title suggest everything I write will be based on my point of view, be it right or wrong. Well in my realm I am the one who make the decision anyway.

My promise is at least a post a day unless if I am away. I will tell more of me in next post.