Sunday, October 31, 2010


First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating my blog for a while. A busy week coz helping my supervisor preparing her presentation slide to Taiwan.

During the weekend, I go surveying for spaghetti. So on Friday, I go try MV's Delicious' Duck Confit Spaghetti and on Saturday, I go tried 1U's The Italiannese. Some may ask why go 1U for The Italiannese since MV also got, well 1st, I never went to 1U before, so, I went to survey the place with a friend to walk me around.  2nd, I remember Carpe Diem mentioning about The Checkers at Damansara Height, so was thinking of going there for dinner, well turns out having Karaoke with friends instead.

First of all, due to my own diet programme, my food portion had shrink on its own. a plate of pasta seems too much for me so, I had to share that friend of mine with the plate of pasta I was eating. Amazingly, I was full the whole day.

Duck Confit Spaghetti:

The taste is "special". I mean, I never had tasted this type of spaghetti before. let divide the spaghetti into 3 parts - the pasta and the duck confit . The pasta (or should I say noodle) is nicely cooked, Neither too soggy, nor too hard to chew, just nice. 8/10
The duck confit - to me, the taste is really nice. served together with the sun-dried tomato, it is really nice and would like to make you taste it more. 8.5/10
Personally, I like the taste. 8/10 for overall. 
But the gravy is a bit oily - a category which my Dear don't like.
But I bet, he never tried this type of taste before, so I will definitely bring him here next week. 
Price: RM 24.90

The Death by Iced Chocolate
Not recommended for consumption.
Price: 10.90 

The Italiannese
My cousin suggest me this place. She mention something about Set A which cost RM60, but can feed up to 3 ppl. Well, I went there on Saturday, I can't find set A, instead i order the promotion 2 course meal. 

The two course I ordered are Penne Bolognese as the main course and Pizza Caprese. 
Penne Bolognese: The exact taste that my Dear would love. Soury. With the blend of the beef and tomato. I think for the Italian food, he never tried anything non-noodle like. So it will be a new experience for him. 
The pasta: I can't rate it because I would be bias since i can't compare with other samples. 
The meat sauce: Well, I like the taste. 7.5/10

Personally, I also like this pasta. The meat sauce is quite nice. but the portion quite big.
He would love this pasta. I mean this is the type that he liked
Beefy, tomato, spaghetti
Some pasta, he complaint not that generous with the tomato puree and beef. but this definitely will 
make to his heart content. 
Iced Caffe' macchiato 
no comment
better order fruit juice
The thin crust pizza is quite nice.
I added the meat sauce to make it tastier. 

If we go to MV, I will bring him to the Delicious' cafe and Alexis. If we were to go to Damansara I will bring hi to Studio 89, ekk, I mean to the Italiannese at 1U.
Today? Today is a rest day for me~
4 more nights till he reached KL~ 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Airasia offer

Sorry for the absence. Busy week. Now I know why my super want him to come by this week. She needs someone to prepare her presentation slide in Taiwan. So.... I became the victim... Nvm, I am a filial son.

So the date is set. He will come on the 4th of November. I booked his ticket yesterday. Already clean my room and gotten a free bigger bed from a friend. Next to buy is pillows. 9 more days to go. Can't really wait for the time to pass by.

Anyway, today, Airasia launch another sale but I wonder to how many destinations? Well at least my hometown and Kuching are 1 of those places. So I had booked a ticket back to Bintulu for X'mas. from 24th to the 1st. Can't leave Serdang too long... someone will be waiting for a whole week. I didn't go back last year to celebrate with my family, so this year, it is fair if I go back to celebrate with them. Return air ticket is around RM121 instead of normal RM5++.

Just from my heart... In fact, I prefer to go back during CNY instead of X'mas. becoz, everyone is going back for CNY in my home. X'mas, I am the only one going back. But good news is (or shud I say there is chance), PP may not go back for CNY. I asked him today if he would like to book ticket for CNY, but he said see first, dunno want to go back or not for CNY. And if he dun book ticket till 31st of October, the CNY ticket will be RM5++/6++ (return ticket) also for airasia.  Then he won't be going back and we will have the whole house all for ourself. This year, I spent my CNY alone wandering at MV, KLCC, BTS and Pavillion. So next year, I may have a person whom I love the most to go through the CNY together.

The promo ticket is from Bintulu to KL (as low as RM20), Kuching to KL/Johor Bharu/Penang (as low as RM40) These is all that I knew.  The flying period is from 28th November to 11th August next year.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

In 2 weeks time or less....

This afternoon, I had this routine meeting with my supervisor. Suddenly she recalled about hiring my dear to do her paper work. She asked if he can reached by next week or not? So, I excuse myself to make a phonecall to him. Luckily, today, he is on weekly compulsory holiday. 

........ I skipped earlier part to get straight to the point of conversation. 
Me: My super asked if you can arrive by next week or not? Because she will be away to Taiwan till 7th November starting next Friday. So while she is away, she expect to leave the work for you and you can use her office.   
PP: No, impossible. I promised my friend to help her in her shop from 28th to 31th this month. Cannot, cannot. (he sounded cute when he panicked)
Then I will tell her that you cannot make it next week. I will try to find excusesThen next thing, I checked the air ticket, seems like 4th November is the best time for you to arrive here. the next cheaper price ticket is at 4:15 pm instead of 5:45 pm. Or if you want, you can take 6:15 am de flight, but I think that is too early for you.
ya, 6:15 is too early. i will check the air ticket later.
Make sure you reach latest by 8th November.
Ya, sure.
........ ended with some conversation I am reluctant to post. 

So he will arrived here latest by 5th (6th, 7th are more expensive as they are on weekends). I expect him to reach on the 4th but maybe, he will reach earlier than that. Who knows? But not earlier than 31st. So if calculate by time.... that will be exactly 2 weeks from now. 

Yeepee. Can't wait. Time goes slower when you want them to go faster, and faster when you want them to stop. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

I go diet but he get thinner......

So last nite, two of my junior went back to Sibu from their convocation. There, they go yamcha with PP. So I was eager about their yamcha-ing. I sent my message to one of them and there is no reply..... till this morning.
So I call him

Me: So how was the yamcha? Got take any picture mah?
Fren: No picture because it is just a normal supper....
Huh? So how was PP? 
He is getting thinner...
WHAT?!!! Last time already very thin wor.
This time even thinner.
OMG, howbout his hair? 
Never cut since last time we met.
Oh, like that I know how he looks like now....

In fact lately, when I called him, he never tell me anything much....His voice sound sickly...... Oh my...... Looks like I make a good decision making him coming here to work/stay with me.... at least I can jaga him.

PP, you better eat well when you stay with me!!! And finish my share of food for me!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Heal your heart with time.

For the straight : Boys meets girls, girls like boys, they dated, they broke up. And the circle continue until they get married. Even marriage sometimes not the end road as they can choose divorce and restart the circle again. 

For the gay: Boys meet boys, they have sex, they dated, they broke up. The circle continues unless if they can face all the challenge in life together, tolerate with each other, give and take. Marriage is not really necessary and they can live happily ever after. 
But the post today is not to discuss the difference between gays and straight, but it is more about how to handle break up. Lately, few of my friends broke up with their gf and some identified plu still can't move on after broke up with their bf.

Well my advice for them is:
1. Go sleep. After wake up, call me, we go yamcha. Not now, but after your next sleep. Make sure you wake up.  - usually this advice is for those who kena dumped by their ex and the ex is their first love.

In fact the best medicine for broken heart is time. Well, at least thats what they told me. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

1 Month of Blogging.

So, 1 month after Malaysia day, 1 month of blogging.

After October, nothing much can be expected. Except, Christmas in 25th December and New Year Eve. Will have to plan first what to do during these 2 occasions.

Malacca and Penang also will be in planning. Hotel need to be booked beforehand. Genting is in consideration.
Thx to all who read my blog.

1 more month to go. For now, I will do all the preparation for him to come.

This weekend is boring boring weekend. Nothing much to do.

Friday, October 15, 2010

SKINS - Maxxie Oliver

So he resigned liao from his current job. Will arrive here at mid of November. For the time being like Pikey and William say, patience.

Oh ya, anyone knows good place for pasta/spaghetti? Any suggestion will be dearly appreciated. Because, PP like pasta the most of all food. So far, I only have Papa John's in mind. : )
So today I would like to post on TV series (can be watch from youtube).

I wonder if you guys had watched the series "Skins" before. Well for those who haven't, can search the series in youtube. Well like usual, I will write about the gay character in the drama. Well the openly gay character is Maxxie Oliver casted by Mitch Hewer.

How to describe him.... he is Hawt, he is Cute and he is Sexy. The character is not the main character of the series, but it has a lot of plot, interesting plots - Maxxie and Anwar (homophobic but an alcoholic muslim), Maxxie and Tony (A very complicated character), Maxxie and Sketch (his stalker - who don almost anything to get Maxxie for herself) and finally Maxxie and James (later his boyfriend). There are also part where Maxxie abused by the "young lads" and chased by them later on.  Anyhow, this series is worth watching, Maxxie's arches alone are good enough, there are other arches involving other characters such as Tony Stonem, Sid, Chris who is having affair with his teacher, Anwar, Sketch Michelle (who suffered from dyslexia) and many more. The series is still ongoing.

I dun own this video any credit goes to the creator of Skins 
Maxxie Introduce James to his class.
Can I introduce my PP to my labmate the way he do? Well maybe can if we are at oversea, M'sia is still not that open yet.

I dun own this video any credit goes to the creator of Skins 

The story on how Maxxie and James meets with Sketch (the stalker) trying to ruin their chances. Worth your 6 minute watching. There is 1 phrase in this video that I like "She is not my girlfriends, i don't do girlfriend" hahaha, and I used to use this answer my friend jokingly.

Can't post the vid from youtube. The embbed code had disabled due to request. : (

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kikyo Japanese Restaurant

My first approach failed. My coursemate's supervisor will finish his contract tis year. need to look elsewhere. I know nothing is too good to be true. Haiz......... Must not give up.


So today I went to Kikyo Japanese Restaurant. The promotion - RM 29.90/pax is still on till date announced. 

The business start at 6:30 p.m and last order is to be made at 10:00 p.m
Everything is okay there. The workers look a bit unfriendly but in fact they are very friendly to us.
So far Kikyo Japanese Restaurant is the third Japanese Sushi Buffet I went to - 1st one is Jogoya and 2nd one is Saikaki Sushi Buffet. But I would rather call the food here "all you can eat" ala carte, rather than normal, all you can take and finish buffet. The food need to be ordered before hand.
The drinks is not included in the price tag, green tea is free refill at price of RM 1.00/ pax. 
Salmon Sashimi
Unagi - 2 sets
Salmon tepanyaki - 1 set
And many more.
You guys should try it out while the offer is still on.
Food: 3.5 out of 5
Service: 4 out of 5
Comfy: 4 out of 5
Price: 5 out of 5
I think my table ate more than any table combined tonight, time to burn of all the calory.

Weekend - Friday, Saturday and Sunday confirm full so need booking
Weekday - in fact today oso full but usually no need booking

Address and contact:
Kikyo Japanese Restaurant
No. 10, Jalan Puteri 2/2,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong,
(In front of Awet Thai Cafe)

Telephone: 603-8060 1766
Fax: 603-8060 6766

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bernat Quintana

Nothing special to write about, so I will just post about some gay-related drama I came across with. I came across this actor when I typed "gay kiss" in Youtube (around 3 years ago). I knew about him after I was in relationship, no i think is before I confessed to him (this guy's acting seems like have a bit of effect on me that time). I know, I know, I was young that time, never really "kiss" another guy (just lip-locked), grow up in homophobic community (in Sarawak, it is so very much different than peninsular). Well lets go to the topic of today's post.

Young Max
(I found him hot throughout the series and loyal and loving too)

Bernat Quintana is best known for his role as "Max" in "El Cor de la Ciutat" (Heart of the City) a Catalan soap drama (he act in the drama up till last year and never reappear in next seasons (9th season). However, in the soap drama, there are few arch/stories on his love life. Well I think, you should all watch by yourself.
This is one of the fan-made video compiling his (Max) romantic life with Enric (ex-boyfriend). I had been following his drama since then. A lot can be learn in fact (boys meets boys, commitment, public acceptance, open relationship etc etc etc). Well enjoy

p.s: If wanna watch the drama in youtube, simply type "Max and Enric"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mating season?

Is it mating season or what? Seems like >80% of my friends recently changes their relationship status from single to "in relationship" (in facebook).

My status in facebook will remain "single" for now to avoid further investigation. Just found out 1 of my friend being plu too today. Looks like I find an ally. In my campus, we need to be very discreet about the "plu" stuff. Not many dare to come out (include me) because the society are indeed very homophobic (from place I came from - unlike in KL).

Hmmm...... for those who just in relationship, this song is not bad. It may be old, but it is perfect.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tick.... Tock...

6 more weeks before the semester end. Meaning 8 more weeks before i get evaluated for my third semester. I really envy other supervisor because, they will just give "memuaskan" by the end of the semester as long as your research have progress.

Mine have progress in my own pace of course and it is very fast. Dr, i did my job, when I dun have anythg to do, I will ponteng of cos..... no point staying in lab 8am-5pm without anythg to do and without pay (purposely dun minta GRF* Graduate Research Fund so that I can go to lab in my own time without any restriction).

Right now I am self-finance with pocket money from parents and brother. My fees is paid by the Datuk XXX Foundation from Sarawak. The deal from the Datuk XXX Foundation  is to keep ur pointer above 3.00 and work anywhere in Sarawak for minimum 1 year with any company after finish studying. Pretty easy.

Tick tock....

My nerdy pocket watch

I better get started with my second study within these 4 weeks. As long as my second study start, I will confirm to have a "memuaskan" for my third semester progress.......

My first study took me more than 1 year to complete and it only involves those boring classes + analysis. 6 months for my laboratory apparatus and chemical to arrive. Second study is set to finish within 40 days and another 1 month for the analysis. Good news is, I can start collecting my raw materials after i give my ghant chart and first study data to my supervisor. Bad thing is I am still rushing to finish all those reports.

Tick tock,