Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 so far.....

Long time no see..... haih~
2 more weeks then the year will end.... Yay?
Well, this year had not been so nice.... at least to me lor..... 1 word to describe: Sickly...
Tonsilitis seems very common to me now....
Met Dr this morning and he said... my immune system is deteriorating... hahahaha
Come what may....
This Friday will go back to Sarawak, getting ready for X'mas.... Yeepee
However, 1 thg still worries me..... My master bila mahu habis wor....
Really wasted at least 1 year doing nothg.... mcb, kns
Now back to X'mas....
My mum seems to miss all of us....
I have this thought of going back home, don't do PhD first....
Dunno lar
Smartphone, got my first 1 this year for my birthday....
Stolen during August..... kns
Bought second 1 this month..... Ninetology Z1+
Hope it will stay long with me~
Mr S is attached! With someone else of cos, wish him all the happiness in the world
Hahaha, seeing other ppl happy, make me happy
Although some may not believe it....
Screw them, I laugh when I want, I sing when I want...
Hope for a better year for me next year, hahahahaha

Adieu for now

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


#Cleaning# Cleaning# Cleaning#

Have been taking a break from blogging for months now.
What to update? Hmmmmmm
1. Met with Mr Ash few weeks back. Omg, he is like a twin of mine..... As in.... we do share certain interest in you know - guys. And I noticed (I think he too) we will looked into the same type of guy. Dangerous...

2. Back into Magic The Gathering. After long periods of dramas.... (to be frank my drama although I thought it had ended long time ago, it will just resurfaced)... Had been 2 months now. Investing money into a hobby again ~.~ Nerdy life here I come.

3. Mr.S and I still contacting each other. Although nothing romantic blooms between us, but he is among rare people whom I think I can talked my heart out with. Sometimes, friendship is better than partnership. Don't you think?

4. Yohohoho, got my first Android smartphone last month (for my birthday) T_T.

5.What will you do to a person...... this 1 will be in another post.

Well anyway, just want to drop by to say "I am back (in Arnold's voice)"

Back to cleaning~

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Openly Gay writer in Malaysia

Few days ago, I read about a news article on an author from Sarawak. Stupid or brave, I have no idea what is the right word to call this young lad.

Well you can read about the article here Malcolm Mejin to write about gays next

Now. I had been going to the same secondary school with this author. Kinda gentle, but I think that is just how he is. He had shown talent in writing since his secondary school time. I know this because I, myself also read lots of literature paper and wrote poems for my own enjoyment. (sometime I write just to show my disappointment)

Blogging has different effect compare to book writing. Being author for either of this media, one may enjoy different type of pro and also suffer from different type of con.

Now back to the issue. When I first read this article few days back, there was no comments or whatsoever, I clicked the same link again today. Just as I expected, more comments surfaced and they are not of the good nature. Most of them are flaming comments and negative remarks.

To defend this young lad, he is not writing to promote gay lifestyle. Well at least that is what I am thinking. I think, he is writing to explain to other people, how indifferent gay people are to others, except to the sexual orientation. But it saddened me when, some of the comments goes like this "this guy is really something -using god to mentioned that even gay are human - gay is nothing more than a social behavior like taking drug or being a cross dresser -it is your own lifestyle that u chosen -your own path - so please do not bring the Word 'god' create everyone equal - although we should judge our negibour ......" 


Is being gay really a choice? How ignorant these people can be... But, I am expecting Malcolm to come out with a good piece of work.  I definitely will support his new work. Well expectation can end up with disappointment or satisfaction. Let see which 1 it could be.

Well Malcolm, all the best. You are in a very controversial shoe if you ask me. As a children books' writer, to come out with such an idea, in this country, I salute your bravery (I hope it is bravery).

Anyway, I would like to share a video with you guys. One of the favourite line i like is "If homosexuality is a choice, there wouldn't be any straight guy left on earth"  at 2:48, but i recommend you to watch this whole video so as not to miss any of his joke.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Snake Year

Happy CNY guys. This year is the year of the snake according to the Chinese zodiac. Looks like (in the blogosphere) I am not the only 1 not going back to celebrate CNY this year.

Well, to be frank, I am already used to spending my CNY alone. It had been 4 years now. Well, my family is not celebrating CNY either - we celebrate X'mas.

However, few days ago, I got caught up in a terrible fever. Still have a bad cough now, but flu and fever no more liao.

So today, like my past CNY, I spent my time with Jack Lim (not in person, just his movie lar hahahaha). This time around, his movie is known as "Once Upon a Time". Pretty nice movie, will not spoil you on anythg about this movie, but I can say 1 thing lar, I will watch it in the cinema at least 2 more times, not because I don't understand the movie, but because I really like the movie. Compare to Die Hard, I prefer once upon a time. :P


Well, my friends mostly will be back on 15th. So, 5 more days lor, having the time to myself, ngek ngek ngek.

I may be alone, but I don't feel lonely. (Seriously). If I switch off my handphone and my Facebook, I am practically gone from this world. Muahahahahaha.

Anyway, happy CNY guys. Wish you all a prosperous year and a never-ending peace, wealth and health. Just like a long winding snake.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Shackle .... off

So I finish my writing - thesis writing. Now waiting to hand in the thesis.

After came back from my Christmas vacation, seemingly, there was a sudden decline in my work out routine. instead of daily exercise with alternate routine.. now it became a weekly work out session. OMG...... not that my weight increases... just that it didn't decrease..... sigh... need to find my motivation again.

Basically, I did read through the blogs around, but don't know why, didn't find the "........" (don't know how to call that thing) to write a post. Is it laziness? I also don't know. A lot happened this past few months. It changes my perception of morality and challenges my principles.

The starting of this new year is not really a bad thing to me. Blessing in disguise? As someone wold me before, what important is not the quantity of friends that we have, but the quality of 1. Among my friends, I had seen the one with dagger. He stabbed me at my back and blame me for that. It is painful. Indeed. the old wound also reopen. But then again, this time, thanks to that wound, I finally understand - It is painful because he is a friend, because we care too much..... in some sense, it is not his stabbing that causes the most pain, but the betrayal of care that I gave. Same goes to the old wound. This time, it heals very fast. At least to me, it didn't hurt as badly as last time, when I even dreamed of reconciliation of a friend. All thanks for an advise a friend gave to me, recently.

"Relationship is about the effort that 2 person poured. Not just love, but also friendship. So if you want to maintain your friendship with your friend and he don't, what can you do? What others think may not the same as what you are thinking."

Snow, thanks for what you said, this time, I recover very fast. I found my point of balance in a very short time. Sparing me of repeating another years of depression that I used to have. In my hardest time, your advise gave me a wake up slap, to see the world in a clearer head and a wider view.

I have a new understanding and definition for friendship.


Anyway, CNY is approaching, again this year, I will be here in KL. Alone. Again. But, I think, I am used to it already. Anyway, happy Chinese New Year guys!!!

Potted Basil that I bought recently.   

Monday, January 7, 2013

Back from home

Reached back to KL few days ago. I hope its not too late to wish you guys a happy new year. Nothing special for the new year resolution. Just gonna treat it as just another day after yesterday.

So, what happened during my 3 weeks back home?
1. Attend my best friend's wedding and became one of the buddies or heng tai they call it.
2. Joined choir..... But pretty fun in fact.
3. Uhmmmm, makan and minum. Satay-ing and wine tasting. My house held open house for X'mas and we ordered lots of satay and other food. Though didn't broke my record of 215 cucuk satays that i made during the Genting buffet last year but still ate a lot.
4. and yea, manage to reduce the potential-quarreling with my mum. Woo hoo.

My theme for this year is appreciation. Not taking things for granted. It is not a resolution. Last year passed with a blink. That when I looked back, it looked blank, well, except for the last 3 months of 2012.
For example,
I shall appreciate my mum's scolding, because when she did that, means she is still healthy and she cared about me.

Certain things, need to be viewed at different angle and sometimes, admitting you are wrong is more important than keeping your ego.

p.s: gain 3kg from the festive season.... expecting 7-8 kg increament in fact. But still need to put up more effort.