Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1 week

Today marked 1 week he left Serdang. He took up the job in Sibu despite having second thought of working at a pig slaughtering house. I wonder if it is just a way for him to tease me? Because my first reaction is, "WHAT?!!!" Maybe he secretly laughing at my back thinking how my reaction look like. I hate flu. Last week, I couldn't send him to the airport. I planned to, but, my body condition wouldn't allowed me. Stupid flu. That whole night, I kept on calling him just in case the flight was cancelled. If you all remember on the same day, Kuching Airport was closed due to airplane skidded. One of my housemate even mentioned that my will of not letting him go home is too strong that the plane skidded. Haiz

Within these 2 months, I had a lot of recording on him especially those at the k-box. Nope no sex clip. Whenever I missed him, I will watched those clips. I still calls him, daily. I am looking forward, will or will he not come back to Serdang. He had not ruled out the possibility on taking Master, at least if the current job does not satisfy him.

Well let see what happened in future. Que Sera Sera, Whatever will be, will be.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I need to confess, I am easily addicted to online games.

About few days back, my housemate persuaded me to play cityville, and I ended up hooked into the game. Grrrr, stupid housemate.

After 5 days of login, I won myself a penthouse tower, and as a sore loser and an even worse winner, I keep on bragging in front of my housemate. Sorry ya housemate.

And there are increase number of people who involved themselve in the game and end up addicted as well.

Some even buy MOL point to get their game easier. Well, it is a waste of money, they know it yet, they still do it.

So readers, be warned, DON'T PLAY CITYVILLE.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year resolution

First of all, a bit late but still  happy new year to you all. Surely, most of you have new year resolution.

But first, next week, 12/1 PP will go back to Kuching for his 2 months worth of hibernation before making any decision on what to do for his future. Any decision he make will affect mine as well. Well, next Tuesday night, I am going to accompany him at LCCT before his flight which is at 7:25. So, when the plane depart, I will take the bus back to KL central. (my planning)

So talking about new year resolution, mine is simple, finish my master research. My faculty will be moving to a new venue starting next semester. A car is a compulsory item to get. If I am to get a car, then i will be taking pHD in Serdang.

Then, I will try to improve my BMI.... well to be frank, after coming back from my hometown, thanks to my mum, I screw my diet and exercise plan again. All back to square 1. Well I will be more strict this time I don't want to repeat same new year plan for next year.

Oh ya, a short visit to Penang or Malacca is also part of my 2011 planning. So, hopefully, I will get every of the to-do list done.

Well that's all for now.