Thursday, August 2, 2012

House cleaning day

When we have so much in mind, it is best to channel that "fan nao-iness" (烦恼)- trouble in your mind- , into a more positive way.

Seems after all the episodes in my life, turning into house cleaning is a very effective way. However some people prefer opt to go to gym.

Living in a house with all boys, cleanliness is indeed a question. "I dun means guys dun clean up, but correct me if i am wrong about... guys don't usually sweep the floor or do house chores unless being told"

Some time, I woke up at 4 in the morning and unable to sleep..... instead of wasting my times staring at the ceiling, it seems it is much more beneficial... if i use this time to sweep the floor, mop it till squeaky clean ~~ or wash the toilet or bathroom ~~ or clean the kitchen area~~ it seems there are many many things that can be done.

The worst thing that i thrown away in these past few weeks is ~~~~~ few packets of instant noodles expired 2 years ago *dang *dang *dang - i don't eat instant noodles it belongs to 1 of my housemates.

Talking about mopping the floor, the feeling of lying on a squeaky clean floor is indeed marvelous ~ golek~ golek~ golek wahahahahahaha

Anyway, for the time being, house chores is done daily but cleaning day is set on Friday night~ Muahahahahaha... today is thursday... hmmmm