Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eye can be deceiving

Okay tonight unlike me, I will put in some picture first before do my normal writing. Try to identify this person.

Okaylar, dun wan to tease you guys liao. This person over here is in fact a well known figure from Thailand. These are her details: 
Name: Zee Matanawee Keenan
Sex: Female
Origin: Phuket, Thailand
DOB: 27/10/1988
Occupation: Model, Singer

Hope you guys are not devastated by her last picture and instead by her identity :P

Now, Jeng jeng jeng, for a guy who looks like a girl and sound like a girl, I will just put in a video instead. 
Malunyer!!!! Thx Sam for reminding me. This is the right video, The top video is on tb..... Arrrggghhh!!!!

Oh ya, this guy is not a transgender. He is very original and is not fake!!!!
Most of my straight friends voted that they might marry this guy. 

Oh ya thx to LMO, his bus post inspired this post ^^

Quote of the day

"There's always a child in us no matter how old we are but I think it's wise to know when you need to be serious and when you can let the child in you come out to have some fun."


  1. Wow! You made my comment as the quote of the day! You made my day! Hahahaha!!! Thank you. Glad that you like my quote.

  2. @Calvin: You're welcome. In fact the honor is mine. Anyway, keep up feed us with that story of your. Can't wait for the next episodes. You are good at creating suspense hor. :P

    @Chen Xing: Very deceiving indeed. In fact I was thinking to insert another person into the guy who look like girl (Thailand's Transgender Queen - Poy), but that one is a bit artificial, this Mr Kuek from Taiwan is very natural! Almost similar to a guy I saw at Berjaya Times Square last time!!!

  3. Zee is soooo darn cute..
    The person in the vid is also a tb.. her name is Chris and she is the owner of the brand Mr.Rich & she just joined a band called Misster and they're all tbs..

  4. @Sam: Thx goodness u reminded me. I didn't check the video when I posted it last night. Hahahaha. I will post the right video. OMG, you saved me!!!!

    I was opening a few video clips. and copy a wrong embedded video. Arrgghhhhh, malunyer!!!!

    Oh ya, thx for dropping by!!!