Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year Plan

Lazying myself at home again. 2 more days to countdown.

So what's your planning?

Well, for us, we are going for another session of Karaoke. Lame right? Well, this will be the first time gonna spent new year eve at Karaoke. Last year lagi lame..... I spent my New Year Eve at CC playing dota. =.=" But this year will be different. Prepared some of the duet song for us to sing (consider as new to me).

吴宗宪 - 屋顶
张学友- 你最珍贵

2 more weeks and he is going back to Kuching - to sleep for two whole months!!! Maybe he will come back for Master? Maybe he will not. But that is not important anymore becoz I am finishing very soon. Wakaka.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Thinking too much?

Too be frank, after I came back from Bintulu, PP had been having this nose-bleeding occurrence everyday, till today. If I am to count it, should have been having it for almost 2 weeks liao.

I had urged him to go to GH to have a body check-up. He keep on replying, "nothing de lah, had been having it since small"

The nose-bleeding is not due to "body heat" or "nose scratching". Last week, when he was doing his work in the office, suddenly, the blood came rushing out. Strangely, the blood only flowed from his left nostril. Same thing also when he had lunch and dinner.

Each time I mention about go see doctor, he keep own rejecting the idea.

During our Christmas Eve dinner at Hai Tong Steambot.
Me: "You sure you don't want to go see doctor?"
Him: "Of courselah, this is nothing de lah, had been having it since young age, if got any problem, early early detected liao lor"
"But, the frequency of it to happened is very worrying ler"
"haiyo, even if got anything, what can I do?"
"At least can have treatment."
"If there are nothing that can be done?"
"Then can have early preparation, touch wood"
"I rather don't know what will happen. If it is to happen, then let it happen..."
"Promise me, if you still have this symptom after you go back to Kuching, you will see doctor."
"Okay, okay, you know my mum"
"Ya? why?"
"You are so like him liao lor now"
"=.=" , just promise me... okay?" 
"I promise"

I will remind his mum about his condition when he go back.... I think she will force him to go see doctor when he go back to Kuching if the condition persist.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

So it is X'mas again. This year, am supposed to go back to my hometown, but due to the event earlier, this year not going back again.

My father told me, no need to go back cause it will be a waste of time, and becoz of the happening in my family (my grandfather's departure) sowe are not celebrating it this year.

Last year, I celebrated my X'mas at CC..... playing dota..... till 3 in the morning. Next day, go to church in the morning then took a walk at KLCC.....

So wondering what will I do this year.... hmmm..... Will let PP have a deserving sleep tomolo. He had been busy with his work and also thanks to his friends' untimely visit to KL had been struggling to accompany them days by days.

19 more days before he go back to Kuching.

Hmmmm..... well to all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Santa had gave me my gift early this year, hope he will give you all yours.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mee Goreng Udang Galah

So, 1 short day stay in Bintulu make me thinking what to devour before going back to Serdang.
Kolok Mee? Laksa? Nope, I didn't choose either. Instead I chose Mee Goreng Udang Galah.

This meal is indeed a gourmet. Well for the price let next picture do the talking.
Yup, the picture didn't lie, it is RM 18.00 per plate. The noodle is cooked at a food stall on top of Bintulu Market. They had been operated for around 18 years with my family as one of the regular visitors. 18 years ago, Mee Goreng Udang Galah was around RM 6.00. Last year, it was RM 15.00. 

During weekends, customer have to wait patiently to have their seat. If you go there at 9 am, then expect to be seated at 10.... at least. 

There are many stalls around the area, but most have their business closed down due to no customer. They have cheaper price but worse taste. Well in Bintulu, people go for taste and price next. 

So, if any of you have the chances to visit Bintulu, make sure to have a stop at Chua Kee Seafood stall on Bintulu Market for their Mee Goreng Udang Galah.

5 out of 5 of course. 

Friday, December 17, 2010


Finally I am back to Serdang.

Pantang and all those stuff had passed, so now is the time to live normal life.

My grandfather was 94 when he passed away, he passed away in a very smooth and peaceful situation. After 2 weeks of hospitalization, he insisted to go back home. He mentioned about having his own house, poultry, cats, kitchen, etc etc, he want to go in his own place. Doctor had warned that, without oxygen, he is confirm to die within that 1 day. But, he, with very calm mind, accepted his fate. During his last days, he never complaint about pain or anything. He keep on teasing his children that he looked older than him (1 of my uncle compare to my grandfather) and had a big laugh.

On his last day, he also manage to buy lottery and manage to see the result and said "haiya, almost kena". After that, he went to the toilet for the last time and lie on his bed, sleeping. My relatives started to weep and they start to make a rosary prayer. Around the 4th decade before the 5th decade, he breathed his last breath. Everyone burst to tears and start crying aloud after that rosary prayer.

My grandmother passed away 20 years earlier than my grandfather. My grandfather had since led a very normal life. Entering the forest to harvest plant he grown till his late 80's. He liked to eat mangrove lobster. It had been 1 of the thing that will remind me of him forever.
He managed to get the "anointing of the sick" sacrament and do last confession to the local priest. So, I believe, as his grandson, I shouldn't be that sad on his departure but instead, celebrate his magnificent last days, he never scare of death and keep on telling others not to be saddened by his departure. Grandpa, I know u will be in better place now.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Past few days

In real, a lot happened lately. In sequence
1. Busy with MAHA held by UPM.
2. Preparing for conference held in Cameron. (cancel)
3. My research, heading toward the end. Good news, I am going to finish my whole research by next April. Convo expected in 2012.
4. My grandfather passed away. (on sunday night, peacefully in his bed when rosary was recited).

I will write them in detail. Currently is at the CC while buying some stuff to bring back home.