Saturday, July 16, 2011


Turns on.... well I think I better talk about a turn off first.

Well, got this 1 time, I went to mamak stall and I saw this very cute looking guy and he is sitting just at the table opposite me. hehehe, this should be a very good appetizer for my eyes I said to myself.

So while waiting for my order of "limau ais" or ice lime. I was talking with my housemate on the "Bersih rally" that occur last week, but my eyes is all over, harvesting that guy. Then suddenly, he took out something from his pocket, get a cigarette out, light it and put it into his mouth....... okay..... time to concentrate more on my topic with my housemate <---- got turn off by a smoking guy.

So what type of guy turn you off? (he have to turn you on first if not how to turn off?)


Quote of the days
"If I like someone, I will claim that person all for myself. I'd want to capture his body and soul from his root and never let go. If he is the one, I will make him mine no matter what it takes" 

Friday, July 1, 2011


We likes pets. Dogs, cats, hamster, birds, tortoise, lizard, chameleons, parrots, etc etc.

They are very cute when they are small. Some are given as a present to us.

When it began, they are very cute.

Then time is a very cruel thing

Pets become old......

When I was younger, my neighbor reared 2 dogs - female dogs. They are very cute.Then they grew up. They become big. Not long after that, it is the mating season. Saw the dogs mating. Not long after that, I never saw the dogs again. According to the neighbor, they threw the dog away because they can't afford to have more than 2 dogs, and their puppies, so they threw them away (then why rear dog in first place? or why dun u guys sprayed (also known as castrate) them?). Hmmmm..... is it cruel or is it the reality of life? When something is cute and adorable, we liked them very much, then when they grew bigger, or older, the "likes" and "adore" become less and less. But not all are like that, I remember one of my friend, still kept his dog - no matter how old or ugly it became (ugly as in become sickly). Though not all will be that heartless, you can't deny their existence.

Just a random thinking from this post - So, for now, when you are young, you look nice, your partner looks nice, so what happened in 20 years time? 30 years time, when you got old, will you abandon your partner when he got ugly?

Not trying to be shallow, but reality hurts. Not everyone is like that, but to know someone like that exist..... make me puke.....