Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I will be back to Sarawak in November. My best friend calls me and told me tat he is gonna marry at 20.11.2011, so I will be in Sibu by then. Maybe will go back to Bintulu on 21/22 November. Then go back to Serdang at 1/2 Dec. Depending on air ticket. But will be back to Bintulu again for Christmas and new year celebration.

I got a new addiction now..... Dynasty Saga.

So guys, if any of your friend ever recommend you an online game to play, Don't play Dynasty saga. I repeat "DON'T EVER PLAY DYNASTY SAGA"!!!

I will join toto fitness centre next month. Will register this Saturday. If you guys ever heard of bad thing about thise gym do tell me so. If not, I will go there liao.....

Next tuesday will be my progress report meeting with my supervisory committee. Need to reevaluate all the value in my data, making slides and planning for the last study (still haven't start yet....)

K guys, tats all the update I have for you all. Writing will resume to normal starting tomorrow.


Quote of the day:
"I do believe in miracles that will come and I hope they come by quickly...."
Usually this is what most of us wish for when we are suffering, whatever form it maybe 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Only you~

Cilaka workload and things to think.... I am now in ki siao mode. So when I am in ki siao mode, I will suddenly have my mind think on one person. Ya.... even though we had broke up for 2 month now (I never call him since then too), suddenly my mind will automatically think of him.

But that is the thing from the past. I noticed...
1. I saved a lot on my phonebill - as I am using prepaid, my expenses for past 2 months were around RM8~10 /mth.
2. I am actually having too much of time and occupy them for my project.
3. I don't feel lonely. As in....I thought i will feel lonely but, I don't hate this feeling so maybe it is not lonely - solitude perhaps? or just silence?

I just realized, how much of my time I used to spend on him. Now when I took him away from my life, a huge void exist. In state of silence, some will say I am being solitude but to me, it is a stage called healing.

Now, facebook, research and blogging played a major role in my daily life, but in the same time, I chat more with my sister online, my mum also, called me frequently lately (if I called to frequently, she will thought that I only do that to ask for pocket money)

Now back to the title enjoy this classic videoclip.

Quote of the day:
"We seem so frightened today of being alone that we never let it happen. Even if family, friends and movies should fail, there is still the radio or the television to fill up the void. Women, who used to complain of loneliness, need never be alone any more. We can do our housework with soap-opera heroes at our side. Even day-dreaming was more creative than this; it demanded something of oneself and it fed the inner life. Now, instead of planting our solitude with our own dream blossoms, we choke the space with continuous music, chatter and companionship to which we do not even listen. It is simply there to fill the vacuum. When the noise stops there is no inner music to take its place. We must re-learn to be alone."
Anne Morrow Lindbergh 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Encountering this type of person, what will you do?

Happy Friday guys!!!

Share with you another video on Friday. I don't know if this gonna be my last.


The song in this version is pretty nice if you ask me.... But... that guy who do the dancing....
WTF!!! He really got guts and hell yeah, his self-confidence is damn high too.
Now the topic for today. 
What will you do if you see such person on the street?
Or dance like this in your shop?

For me... I will stop... watch a while see how long he danced... if he annoyed people too much.... and dance too long.... I might go near him.... Hold him on his shoulder with my left hand. Then
SLAP HIM and say "Bangun! Bangun!! Begone evil spirit!!!"
Well... hope I won't encounter such person.....

Well guys, happy weekend! and for those finishing their exam, good luck on your final paper!


Quote of the day:

"Sometimes we will pretend, pretend that both of us are happy. But then I know, deep down inside, both want to be free. Only that, who voice it out first ? One will definitely don't want to hurt the other one."
Chen Xing 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Memang speechless

I was surprised by a reply given to me when i commented on certain entry by someone. It really left me speechless. Currently my feeling can be defined using first four lines from first four stanza in this song by Lady Gaga:

"I can't believe what you said to me
I can't believe how you looked at me
Can we fixed you if you broke
I'll never talk again, oh boy you left me speechless"

To that someone who left me speechless, it's good that you can handle your problem well. With all the beautiful memory on how you started your relationship. Sometimes, normally as readers, we tend to leave some comments that you might disagree such as calling your ex "Setan" or leaving advise such as he don't deserve your love. you are right when you said everyone deserved love. Thats your point of view, and I respect you on that.

When we call someone Devil, doesn't mean he is the reincarnate form of Lucifer. We meant his cruel and cold treatment is very terrible.
When i say he don't deserve your love, I mean, you should move on and pour that love of yours to someone else, who is more deserving. You can remain as friend with your ex as if I care. If you can't accept it well, then as I said earlier on, I am speechless.

Enough said, you manage to make me speechless. But you earn my RESPECT, you wished them happiness and love in return, despite the betrayal and cruel act. ALL THE BEST!

p/s: I wonder if you will ever read this.

BTW, tomorrow is public holiday - Wesak Day. Happy holiday guys (if you cuti today, then you have 4 days holiday in total =.=")


Quote of the day

"Love is blind, may they have all the happiness in the world."

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shower me with your love

I like old song. Not to say new songs are not good... just that, it is a bit not to my liking.
Well this song is great and some how when I first heard it last Thursday, I fell in love with it.
Anyway, for those who had found his love, appreciate him and shower him with your love...
not just cum...

For those still in search, good luck! You will found each other somehow.

Quote of the day 
"Life is too short to live alone, without someone to call my own"

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Happy weekend guys.

Currently, at this time period, most of us are either busy with study (exam) or with works. For me, I am busy with my writing on my previous 2 studies and got few corrections to be done after showing em' to my supervisor. Beside that, I am also busy with preparation for my glasshouse study and thanks God that, finally glasshouse is available. It had caused me almost 2 months of delay in starting my final study.

the outline of my final study would be
                - 2 weeks of preparation.
                - 40 days of glasshouse study.
                - 2 - 4 weeks of laboratory analysis

then 1 whole semester of writing~> Free time for me (need to prepare for my viva though)....

Sigh*  In fact, I can finished my whole Master this year, graduating next semester. I delayed my works, out of my own foolishness of thinking that he will be doing it here with me. he tried... but he decide it is not suitable for him. But that is just a part of old me.

New me? I don't know. But for now, for sure, I must finish my study first then plan for my future. Wish me luck guys.

I know it is Saturday, but since there is something wrong with Bloggers yesterday.... so I guess i just shared this with you guys today instead..... Glee version of Friday.....

For those involve in exam... Gambateh!! You will pass with flying colours
For those still looking for love.... gambateh!! You will find each other soon
For short* Dun give up and always work hard. Everyone have their down and problem.
So "Gambateh" from Whiz~
Enjoy your weekend guys!!

Quote of the days:
"Nobody worth to be your whole world unless he make his yours" 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

           ~Who ran to help you when you fell
and kiss the place to make it well?
When I woke up, I saw 3 miscall from my sister and an SMS reminding me today is Mother's Day. Ahahahaha, so cute of her!

I already called my mum and wished her. She is having breakfast with another family friends to have their mothers' day breakfast.

Before we were able to see lights
mother bear the pain of carrying us around
When we were born
no matter how pain the labor is,
all pain gone when she held us in her arms.
Before we were able to talk and only know how to cry,
she and daddy woke up in the middle of night to calm us down,
hunt for mosquito which bite us and rub the ointment to ease the itch
Then when we start to learn to sleep alone,
who kiss and hug us and turn down the fan speed at the midnight?
and whisper "I am proud of you, son"
then when we enter school
Who is more nervous on our academic performance than us?
Fearing we can't find decent job and
in return they got misunderstood most of the time,
we start to turn our face away.
Then we enter rebellious stage
Who weep in the night praying to God to forgive our sin?
Blame themselves for being incapable instead of complaining about us?
And forgive us all the time no matter what we did
We thought they hate us
but deep inside they are hurt even more than us
what she want is not a sorry
because she already forgive us even before we did the mistake
but a simple thanks and obedience
there are more more to list down
Anyway, for readers out there,

If she is still around, make her feel extra special today, more than other days, hug her, kiss her just like during your birthdays and her birthdays.
If she is not and you miss her and can still remember her, then remember her for her unconditional love.
If you never get to know her, then always remember her pain and labor while having us in her womb on how she must have hope for us. There must be a reason you are born - her love.

For all the mothers out there, Happy Mothers' Day!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pair of love - 双

Another short movie from Taiwan and good news folks, I watched the Youtube version and they have English subtitle for it Yippee!

I have mixed feeling when watching this short movie. Even though it is student's project and low budget movie, the meaning is quite deep. The actors are cute <3 (I think Mr Ooi2009 will say I am being stereotype) Anyway, pls spend 30 minutes of your time watching this movie. I like the ending~ especially the facial expression of that guy when being hugged from the back. He didn't look back but he knew who hugged him. Happy ending for the gay couple (which is rare) - most gay movie put up sad ending to the gay couples.

Trailer - in case you want to skip this movie

Quote of the day:

     Translation ~ If (we) cannot hug (each other), then what is left on this world? 

Pair of love 

Thing I can't eat

Few days ago, I went to Klang. My friend treat me for the local delicacies there.  1 of the local delicacies is the Sek Pan fish....

Little that I know, Sek Pan is in fact a type of grouper or Kerapu. It is 1 of the things that I cannot eat. After eating, I feel itch all over my body and it still continue but now it is a bit better. Maybe kerapu is a type of allergy to our family instead of curse? 

My uncle, also once ate kerapu, he develop few whitish spots on his arms and legs. It remained for him since 20 years ago - luckily he already got married earlier before have the spots. 

Not all melanau cannot eat kerapu, only some families - my father and mother's side both also cannot eat kerapu. Lucky for me, I only eat very little if not... i will be a leopard man...... 

Next, people in my kampung cannot eat venison or the deer meat. There was a story where our ancestor found our village with the help of the deer and in return, our ancestor oath not to eat deer meat as a sign of gratitude. True enough, some of people who accidentally ate deer meat before will face their consequences. For married ladies, they will die during labor. For others (unmarry lady, guy and marry guy) they will die unnatural death.

Same goes to certain type of mango. These mango are only found in Sarawak's forest. 
There are also few types of fish which will causes us bone ache. my mum advise is, just eat fish tat we ate before and dun cincai cincai eat other fish tat we never tried before.  

Eventhough it sounded a bit weird, but the thing is, bad things do happen when we don't follow the warning that our ancestors passed down to us. So unbelievable? Believe it......


Quote of the day:
"its very rare that i don’t like someone… if i don’t like someone, that means the person got some serious problem"

"Seeing is believing? Wait till it happens to you and you will understand the meaning of regret"


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sorry + my race

Have not been writing for few days..... busy doing my data analyses to give to my supervisor after she came back from New Zealand.... Still haven't finished though.... Erm... in return.... I want to write something about my race - Melanau

I wonder if you guys have heard about this race before. Well there are 6 major groups of Melanau ppl, depending on the place - Mukah, Bintulu, Daro, Dalat, Balingian and Miri. I am a Melanau Mukah.

It is not a big race - we have around 500 k ppl. Erm, ppl keep on confusing Melanau ppl with Melayu Sarawak, it is different. Most melanau ppl are Muslim, followed by Christian and animist. I am Christian.

Few facts:
1. We never do headhunting before. It is practice by the d'yak people in the past.

2. We don't live in longhouse - we have our own house. In the past, intead of longhouse, we live in tallhouse.

3. Our staple food is not rice, it is sago pearl.

4. As we lived near the seaside, there are families which are good in fishery, making boats etc. Our famous dish is something we called "umai"

5. We don't celebrate Gawai, we celebrate Pesta Kaul.

6. Melanaus are given "bin" and "binti" in their name regardless of their religion.

7. We have our own caste system which is still being used by some melanau in certain occasion such as proposing, engagement, marriage and funeral.

8. Like the malay people, guys stay at wife's house - but today, most of us can buy our own house.

9. Our origin is very debate-able - some say we are from Philippine, Java or Southern China.

10. The dialect of every different group of melanau is very different that it can sound like a total different language to others.