Friday, October 15, 2010

SKINS - Maxxie Oliver

So he resigned liao from his current job. Will arrive here at mid of November. For the time being like Pikey and William say, patience.

Oh ya, anyone knows good place for pasta/spaghetti? Any suggestion will be dearly appreciated. Because, PP like pasta the most of all food. So far, I only have Papa John's in mind. : )
So today I would like to post on TV series (can be watch from youtube).

I wonder if you guys had watched the series "Skins" before. Well for those who haven't, can search the series in youtube. Well like usual, I will write about the gay character in the drama. Well the openly gay character is Maxxie Oliver casted by Mitch Hewer.

How to describe him.... he is Hawt, he is Cute and he is Sexy. The character is not the main character of the series, but it has a lot of plot, interesting plots - Maxxie and Anwar (homophobic but an alcoholic muslim), Maxxie and Tony (A very complicated character), Maxxie and Sketch (his stalker - who don almost anything to get Maxxie for herself) and finally Maxxie and James (later his boyfriend). There are also part where Maxxie abused by the "young lads" and chased by them later on.  Anyhow, this series is worth watching, Maxxie's arches alone are good enough, there are other arches involving other characters such as Tony Stonem, Sid, Chris who is having affair with his teacher, Anwar, Sketch Michelle (who suffered from dyslexia) and many more. The series is still ongoing.

I dun own this video any credit goes to the creator of Skins 
Maxxie Introduce James to his class.
Can I introduce my PP to my labmate the way he do? Well maybe can if we are at oversea, M'sia is still not that open yet.

I dun own this video any credit goes to the creator of Skins 

The story on how Maxxie and James meets with Sketch (the stalker) trying to ruin their chances. Worth your 6 minute watching. There is 1 phrase in this video that I like "She is not my girlfriends, i don't do girlfriend" hahaha, and I used to use this answer my friend jokingly.

Can't post the vid from youtube. The embbed code had disabled due to request. : (


  1. Try checkers at Damansara Heights.

  2. Pretty good series actually. Go get the entire series. Love Effy Stonem!

  3. @William: haha

    @Carpe: Will be in my list of place to go.

    @Savante: Totally agree :D