Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Scribble, scribbling

In another few hours, I am gonna fly back to Sarawak for Christmas.

I wonder.... what will you do... if you know the next Christmas is gonna be your last with your family and friends, will you try to make it memorable? 

or will you just let it passed like any other Christmas that you had celebrated before?

Maybe I am really born to be a lone wolf... in the end. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So, I got back from Johor - family vacation there. Been to Legoland, and it is pretty nice.

If Genting was meant to be played by youth or the teenagers, Legoland is for the other main group of people.  From dating couples (I saw dating gay couple - thx to my kaypo-ness), families with small chilren or even the pre-teens, to the older people. It is a place for people to relax, have fun and be safe.

So, I believe most of you had been in a courtship before - courting other people or the one being courted. I am still new in this. How to say..... it had not been difficult, just "I like you, can we date" then poof couple liao.

This time, I am courting a person, whom i never see, whom i dunno and only chatted through msn and facebook. lately got his phone number, and use whatsapp. Talking via skype - no skype sex or web sex. To be frank, being me, I always talk about stuff like, work, interest, family etc. Those who knows me, know that I usually talk about healthy stuff. Not the usual - how long? how big? wanna have fun? - sort of things. Maybe becos I am a Taurean?

Even when my straight friend ask me what I usually talk about, I just told him the normal stuff. Not the sex, not the kinky stuff. Sometimes, these friend I ask my opinion on. And if they are being emo, I always offer my ears to listen - sometimes I got brushed away of course, wakakaka.

Don't know if this is just a mere coincidence, my previous dates are all Cancerian. And this person I am pursuing is also a cancerian. Will try to arrange a meet up with him next year. This month is to hectic for both of us.

Ah, and Tuls, congratz!!!! Happy for you man.

**** lost few inches and kg's but also need to lose more before X'mas.The road is still too far to go. OMG