Monday, November 26, 2012


Why you seek relationship?
 - Maybe because you are ready for the serious stuff?
 - or is it just for fun?
 - or is it just to know-how - the experience??
 - or just the hormone?
Maybe it is all of the above.
Or it just happened.....

But how do you know he is the one? I don't think we will ever know that. Because whenever we like someone, we tend to think that he is the one. Example:
 -Finally I found the prince of my life
 -He is the one, yea, he will complete me.
 -He match all my expectation, omg that 6 packs, ahhhhhh (sorry sound shallow bit here)

What I want to say is, that person, the one for us, is he written on the rock? As if, he is destined? Maybe, if we want to think of it in a more romantic way. However, wat I think more importantly, is he compatible? In term of, can he tolerate our bad behavior, as in, we tolerate his? If neither can't, then they are not compatible.

Compatibility, as I think includes if you can tolerate each other weaknesses. You can satisfy each other needs. Most importantly, you are comfortable with each other. Then only you can feel the heat of love. But then again, it is just one of the criteria, which I think is important.

by the way, for some people, physical appearance, is important example
 - I am 190 cm tall.... look weird if i date a 140 cm tall guy. : P

Just a thought.

But then again, when the time comes, it comes, so for those out of love, maybe he is not the one. So please, don't be too sad of yourself . It took me a year plus to understand this. There are more guys out there, and 1 of them maybe 1 of the one for you.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gay housemate(s)

How does it feels if u stay with 3, 4 or 5 other housemates and all are gays? Or at least confused about their sexuality?
Orgy? Party? Open opportunity to talk about your problems? -> less stress?
What if majority are closeted? Will you try to oust them to other housemates? Or should you respect their decision to remain closeted even among other (gay) housemates? Hmmmm kinky rite?
Or is it in fact not a big deals? Let say if you are the only one who knows.
This came put during a conversation with another (gay) friend. He was pretty enthusiastic in looking for other (gay) housemate.
Being me, I just replied by - we shouldn't look at other people just based on their sexuality, we are all just the same except for the sex preference part.
However he keep on insisting, it will be totally different comparing to live with his (current/straight) housemate.
""Different?" Of course it gonna be different, however, knowing (straight) people, I know which group has more drama, so are you ready to handle it when drama happens"  I said
"At least it is the drama that I can handle" he replied  ~.~|||

hahahahahaha, so what do you think?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Weight lifting ... cardio.... weight lifting..... cardio
Yay, now I see 2 figures in my weighing scale. It had been months since I see these digit (secret for now). My worst had been  11x something kg (for my height... thats a nono)
High protein low carb - does it help?
For now mostly sayur and tomato - that I thought I am turning into vegetarian if not becos of the egg.
This time, I am doing it seriously. I have seen the minor result of 2 weeks plus. Digging out the Karate kata that I learn from the past, it had been a routine for me to train at night time.
Oh ya, I am only joining my friend in doing work out. They have this small room for gym equipment at the condo so, I am just using these equipment with my friend.
The sudden changes in lifestyle is due to my high blood pressure. It had been peaking high a month back. Not to scare u off (195/150) where the normal bp is (120/90). I refused to take medication. But now, due to the workout I am having, it start to reduce well (140/90). no more red meat!!! Less carb for now. Let see how far I can go this time.
Oh btw, I am having a crush on someone now. Its time to move on from the previous story. It is the past. Since he is my first, he always had this special place in my heart. But since it doesn't work out, no point crying your heart out. Right? Wow.... it took me 1 year plus to move on =.="

Quotes of the day since long time din post

"hm... whats 15% of 100... its 15!!!!"
                                                           From the blondest thing I heard today by TULS  

Saturday, November 17, 2012


How to hate someone that you cannot hate?
In order to stop loving him as you can't get him back.
I can't ignore you, neither can I forgive you.
I can't forget you neither can I harm you.
Now the whole story is clear, and I realize....
How love can make someone becoming so stupid
Losing my cool, losing my head, losing my mind
I am just not me anymore.
If you have the same instinct that I do.... trust it.
Don't question it why,
because you might not be able to handle the truth,
the ugliness of something beautiful that you had been always adoring
In the end,
It is just an illusion\
and I am just a fool.