Thursday, March 10, 2011

WARNING: HIV swindler on loose - tipu duit, sex and sebar AIDS (pic shown in Video)

(Mandarin news)

English version news came this out this morning in The STAR Read here. The following video is posted in Youtube.
For those who understand Mandarin will understand what the news is about. For those who don't, i will make a brief translation. The news was in the NTV7 last night (9/3/2011).

The news start with
"When the victim claimed that they were cheated for their money and sex, we must be imagining a poor lady. but this time, the victim is a guy and the swindler is also a guy"

A police report had been made by victims from KL and Penang on a gay guy known as Kelvin or sometime also known as Alvin age 23. One of the victims, surname Tai by the age of 17 (damn young!), somewhere in October (about 5 months ago) get to know about  Kelvin from a pen-pal magazine (?). he contacted  Kelvin on the first day via SMS, then on second day,  Kelvin ask him out (maybe as a date or something) and they have sex, and on the third day,  Kelvin stole stuff from his house - computer (most probably laptop) and handphone beside that...... he also have a medical checkup and found out he kena AIDS.

The second victim (Tan)- he get to know Kelvin from his primary school friend. They went out for movie. After movie, they went to the hotel nearby (why wor).  Kelvin then asked him to go for bath (why listen leh?) and after bath, Kelvin pushed him onto the bed. He tried to push him away, but he claimed that he doesn't have that much energy.... he have sex with  Kelvin. Sound like a rape case.... However (at 02:29-02:31), there is newspaper cutting on a news at 17th February on a friend being swindled off RM 5000 via his ATM card (his ATM password was his birthday date).  I believed the victim in the news is Tan (got resemblance in term of hair style, story line and other info) . Read here and read here 2 Beside swindled off RM 5000 via his ATM,  he also lost his handphone and RM50. Worse part, he has high chance to kena AIDS (dunno yet, because just happened recently). 

Third victim - from Penang. according to him, Calvin had been pursuing after him and try many method to win over his heart. Even though he (Calvin) is not that good-looking, but, he is very nice to people and very caring. Calvin is also very good in talking beside being very charming thats why he trusted him. 

According to the news, Calvin was managed to be contacted on 28th February and he admitted that he have AIDS....... According to the news clip, at least 193 guys have been swindled and 100 of them had sexual relationship. Haiz.......

Hmmm....... from this video, I make some conclusions.
Have casual sex at your own risk.
No condom, no sex
Don't use your birthday date as ATM password - try to change it from time to time.
Don't ever lend your ATM card to anyone.
Always practice safe sex - no condom no sex.
Be careful when meeting someone new, beware and don't easily kena tipu.


  1. A wake up call. Strong message.

    Thanks for sharing !

  2. I was shocked after reading the news last evening...but this is an alarm and lesson to all of us.

  3. @Chen Xing: Welcome.
    @Vincent: Indeed.
    @Skyhawk: Same here. Think that have to blog about this issue. To be frank eventhough I am sorry about the victim, but I admire them because instead of keeping quiet about the case, they have the courage to go public and warned other potential victim.
    In future, similar person will appear and I think, this case is a good reference to avoid one being conned.

  4. I got a lil paranoid reading it... imagine he just spread AIDS like wildfire! try imagine those ppl who doesnt know and continue having sex with other guys? around 300 to 400++ of ppl getting aids now!!

  5. pardon my bitchiness. but i find the guys who confessed in english, really need to improve his language man. why not just speak in mandarin?

    sorry really. but i can't help it. lol

    but really. i think it's really up to urselves in meeting random guys, and following him back to the hotel. wat's more giving money for him to stay in a hotel. given it was me, i'd probably just walk away.

  6. i would agree with him... no condom no sex

  7. @Jared: Ya,

    @Clayden: In fact, the first video, he did speak in Mandarin. (he is from Penang by the way). But, the yellow shirt guy is quite funny and cute when he speak in Malay (Lepas itu, dia pun sex saya), me and my housemate can't stop laughing our ass out.
    Totally agree with what you said, because, it is not like he can force the victim to enter the hotel at first and if there is really no feelings called "lust" or "curiosity" the tragedy will not happen. Even if one is govern by lust, with strong "belief" in safe sex, chances of HIV to spread can be reduce.

    @Lionfever: the phrase is what i heard once from Eric@Pluboy in his blog post. :)

  8. Always be careful when you go out with strangers.

  9. this is alarming and scary... sometimes its annoying to know pple use look to seduce others and eventually steal and spread uncurable disease to others... wats happening to this world now!!!!