Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya

*guling* *guling**guling*



Oh hi!!!

Selamat Hari Raya Aildifitri!!!

If at home, I have few relatives and family friends whom we must visit anually and my mum never visit them empty handed....... must bake cakes or buy drinks, and I hate it when she bakes cake.... becos I have to help her like....... non-stop for 3 days??? Beat eggs, potong raisins, san cha beng, etc etc etc.......

Then starting last year, I use *busy in UPM* excuse not to be at home either for CNY or Hari Raya.... I am such a bad sons...... things is...... tak perlular masak kuih, just buy drinks for them enough mah...... but sometimes... I miss the feeling of helping her at home.. doing chores......

Talking about Hari Raya, to me..... satay is a must lor.... why? becos I love satay!!! I remember in my degree year, I went to my lecturer house.... I eat up 60 cucuk...... (I din touch any lemang, ketupat or curry... just satay) but out of 5 house only 1 have satay. I want my fatty satay!!!! However, Ketupat, lemang and curry rendang will always be available....

Now...... Checking whom I can visit for Raya....... A... in Johore (cross)....... B...... in Sarawak (cross).....Ei are there anyone of you staying in KL whom I can visit?????



Ah.... nvm...... go to Berjaya Times Square and watch movies ba....... marathon lagi..... alone lagi..... almost same with my CNY celebration for these 2 years.



Or shud I packed to go visit other states? But too sudden...... and as a poor student..... kinda.... luxurious to me....... (Haven't gone to Genting to refill my wallet for N years)

Or shud I go to genting and try my luck?

Ekkkkk.......... being lonely.... away from home..... away from anyone........ is too much of freedom.... but choosing home and freedom..... I choose freedom. But maybe I will be home for this year X'mas and next year CNY. I dun knw.

Okay now.

back to my normal routine when I am hou chat sienz mode......



Friday, August 26, 2011

Football: Why I loved it.

I used to love football a lot. Watching EPL a lot. My first interest came during World Cup 2002 in Korea/Japan. I learnt most of the terms and also many teams that time too. My favorite team had always been Arsenal and their players that i liked the most are David Seaman and Thierry Henry (both are now no longer in Arsenal)
David Seaman retired and Thierry Henry is currently playing in US.

Not many gay people like football with many reasons. But I do like them for some. hehehe, dunno if this post will change your opinion on them.

1st, those cute or handsome football player.
Seeing them scoring goal or taking the ball. Or being tackle or doing some funny movement on field.
The most famous of these players is David Beckham.... But I never liked him though.

Few names you shud look at are :
When he is In AC Milan (now he is playing in Real Madrid)

Cristiano Ronaldo

Roque Santa Cruz

Fernando Torres

and many more.

2. Funny/rare scene and lucky if you able to watch it live

3. The goals
I always like Thierry Henry goal scoring when he is in Arsenal :)

I think thats all for this post :)

Happy Weekend guys.

Now, what is your favorite sport? And who do you like or have crush on?

To some football may be barbaric game where 20 players snatching 1 ball from each other. But looking things at different side may be good too. It can be a way to mingle with more people.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Life is a story about you. There are 2 types of story : The one that you decide; and the 1 that decide yours.

How you live your life? Is it the one that you want, or the one that your parents wished for you?

If you never come out to your parents that you're gay, and they arrange a marriage for you, will you just go ahead and marry that girl? or reveal your sexuality - risking the fact that they will hate you/ disown you, thinking you will bring shame to the family? What will you do?
*Not saying i am having arranged marriage or what just an example

 If you study so long, got a degree, got a master, a PhD. But u failed to get a job. What will you do? Keep on jobless? Creating job? or apply for those with lower salary? Or doing job that match ur requirement but you don't like - i.e be a lecturer?

So, how's your life story now? Is it the one that you liked? The one that you want? or the one that you are forced to live in?  If that so, how are you going to do? Just let nature take it course or try to change it? Or, pause a while, and see the goodness in it and thanks God that in fact, you are not having the worst life a person can have. Thx God that you are with someone who can share your life and thx Him for having the luck to find him, to have him as part of your life.

Love life, social life, working/studying life, all will have problem no matter what. Be thankful? Change it in hope for a better? forever sulking if you think your life sucks, that's up to individual to decide.

Mine? Satisfy for what it is now. Love life? I just pull my heart out and put it nicely inside a box and bury it far far. maybe 1 day, I will dug it back out or someone will dig it and return it back to me.

*Start to dun care if ppl say I am gay or not liao. When my wings are strong and I can fly alone, I will just tell my mum that marriage are too troublesome. got history in my family where there are ppl who din get married their whole life or get married at late 40's.

If people ask are you gay? what is your response?
Mine will be, yes I am. - even to my mum or my dad. -> since she asked, thats mean she is ready to accept any of my answer. whatever the consequence is, I dont care liao, Muahahahahahaha... Only if she asked.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


It's really had been a very long while since I update my blogs. Those busy days, unstable emotion, indecisive draft to post and also a lot of obstacle..... blame them all.... Wait, now it comes back... blame back to me.. Hahahahaha

Today was super fun and super cool.

Finally I met him in person, during his surprise birthday party. Ya, tulsy, happy belated birthday to you again. Hahaha, princess of the night was very speechless when he enter the house. (I think either he is a very good actor or he really didn't expect the magnitude of the surprise or he dunno about the surprise party at all). But the surprise was..... somehow.... did not reach the climax that we thought it would...... He stood outside, dancerboy opened the door and we are like "Surprise?" Instead of "SURPRISE!!!!" Ahahahaha, first time ma, ahahahha.

Met a lot of bloggers in person too and they are all awesome. Lil Fox, Jason-is-a-he, Cheffy Ric, Khai, Cloud 9, Bubu and of course Tuls! First thing I do when Lil Fox reveal himself is a quick hug to him. It is rare for me to hug someone tho.

Tuls' present is a good enough to host the party. And he did his best entertaining the guests.
Good job to Dancerboy on throwing this surprise party.
and yeah, they are tall!!!!

was very happy of the invitation becos in my whole life, this is like second party tat I joined and the first 1 was like.... when I was in primary 5? Well, all those makan-makan steambot or restaurant besar-besar are not counted as birthday party okay. I did attended to some frens birthday but it is more like my family fren's function, so, as involving only myself (without family), this is definitely 1st time.

Food was awesome, guest were awesome, everything is great. and go back home dgn hati yg penuh kegembiraan.


To Tulsy: Good luck on ur future and happy belated birthday
To dancerboy: Thx for the invitation
To Jason: Thx for the ride very very very much!!!!!

Since absent for long time, i thk a lot of quotes available now. Need time to read back a lots of post from you guys =.=" hahaha