Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scary as Hell

Did any of you ever being approached by someone you knew and said "Hey you, I read what you wrote in blog" Then you realized, you did write and never mentioned it to him/her? Yea, it happened to me few months back.

Thus for some safety measurement, I broke my oath and keep some of the post as a draft. I never admit it nor did I try not to admit it. I am just not ready yet... to out myself......

Sorry for the long absence. It had been a tough time for me. Maybe this year is a bad year. All I can hope for is a better year next year.

Back few weeks ago to my hometown. My mum asked me again, got gf? bila kahwin? and as expected my answer is "no gf, will never kahwin" - told her will sacrifice "kahwin" for my future career. And maybe, I just would.


point to ponder:
"Subsidy for sugar reduced by 20 cent per kg.. why in the hell... a glass of ice kosong also increases by 10 cent per glass?"