Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy VDay

"When 2 person really love each other much, everyday is valentine day"

14th feb is a date in a year, where couples will celebrate their relationship.

Most ppl will write how they gonna spend today.... but i will do a bit-bit different

Guess some of u dunno, in Korea especially, every 14th day of the month is relate to valentine day.

The chronology are as follow

February: 14/2
If you like someone, today is the day you give him a bar of chocolate. Be assure, if he is single, your bar of chocolate is not the only 1 he will receive.
likewise, if you receive that bar of chocolate, jus accept it.

March: 14/3 - White Day
A month had passed. If you give him chocolate, today, is the day to know how he feels about you. If he give you back chocolate or candy, means he also like you. There is chance
If you accept that chocolate from someone, if you like him, and wanna to give him a chance, give him back chocolate or candy. But if you are sure that you like him.. why not just tell him how you feel?

April 14- Black Day (there are 2 version)
Black here refer to the black sauce use in a noodle or ramen. If both of you haven officially going out or dated, today is a good day. Invite the person out and eat noodle. Usually, when people meet up, they will know each other more. If eating that bowl of ramen make both of u happy, maybe, there are chemistry between u 2.

If you dun get anythg on White Day, then call ur fren who are single, and eat noodle together to celebrate your singledoom!!! muahahahahahaa

may 14 - Yellow Day
Chocolate: sent
Noodle: eaten
now is a day to know how he really feels. You can either ask him directly.... but first send him rose.
White: Normal friend
Yellow: I know how you feel but i am still unsure.
Red: Lover
his answer will depend on the roses he gave u. if he gave u white... time to move on. Yellow... better move on.. red... congrate (rhyme leh)

June 14 - kiss day
Let say he gave u red roses, but both of you might not officially dated yet. Well congrates, today, you 2 might kiss for the first time. well you can say, officially dated. (I heard in korea, japan and china, couples will kissed openly during this day... but definitely not in M'sia)

July 14 -silver day
well, today, either of u will give each other a silver accessory. Usually it is silver ring.

August 14 - Green day
On Green day, both of u are suppose to spend today in nature. Picnic, jungle-trekking etc etc. try to get out from the city life once in a while.
Holiday at Tioman Island is not a bad idea either.....

September 14: photo and song day
After dated for a while, both of you shud have practised some love song.... well today, you 2 shud sing it out with others.. maybe at KTV? Singing Duet song. let say you voice is not that good, but, just get the camera out and take a snap. keep those sweet/enjoyable memory.

October 14 - wine day.... no need to elaborate... start to get boring sia....
November 14 - Orange and movie day.... orange here refer to orange juice..
December 14 - hug day

January 14 - Diary and candle day
Write your wish and dream for your future in the diary.. give it to ur loved one. But if you are lazy, just send him a candle to symbolize warm and bright future waiting ahead.