Monday, January 7, 2013

Back from home

Reached back to KL few days ago. I hope its not too late to wish you guys a happy new year. Nothing special for the new year resolution. Just gonna treat it as just another day after yesterday.

So, what happened during my 3 weeks back home?
1. Attend my best friend's wedding and became one of the buddies or heng tai they call it.
2. Joined choir..... But pretty fun in fact.
3. Uhmmmm, makan and minum. Satay-ing and wine tasting. My house held open house for X'mas and we ordered lots of satay and other food. Though didn't broke my record of 215 cucuk satays that i made during the Genting buffet last year but still ate a lot.
4. and yea, manage to reduce the potential-quarreling with my mum. Woo hoo.

My theme for this year is appreciation. Not taking things for granted. It is not a resolution. Last year passed with a blink. That when I looked back, it looked blank, well, except for the last 3 months of 2012.
For example,
I shall appreciate my mum's scolding, because when she did that, means she is still healthy and she cared about me.

Certain things, need to be viewed at different angle and sometimes, admitting you are wrong is more important than keeping your ego.

p.s: gain 3kg from the festive season.... expecting 7-8 kg increament in fact. But still need to put up more effort.