Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crazy time await

CNY approaching, getting nearer. Like for the pass 2 years, this year I am gonna spend it alone again in KL.

Don't take the word "alone" too badly. Some how, maybe this is what I wanted all along? A simulation on seeing, if I can celebrating festive occasions on my own.

Okay okay, crazy time is my friends are gonna came back from australia. So tomoro gonna have a crazy karaoke session from 7 pm to 4 am at RM35 only - include buffet.... Can I hear some woo hoo???

The longest i ever spend for karaoke is 5 hours.

BTW, I passed my final presentation already (yeah) : next will be writing my paper; writing my thesis; then viva.... hope can finish by next semester....

Ah, enjoy this pic!! The "hydrogen" is cute~ Well, it is another crazy world out there..

Saturday, January 14, 2012

RM200 voucher

Coming tuesday will have my final presentation, then will be free (well my writing thesis: current status 60% done)

Talking about RM200 voucher, yea, I jus went and got it yesterdat, so today was at first planning to spend it at kinokuniya. Hmmmm jus dunno wat book to get though. Muahahahaha

However, suddenly, my ex-housemate, Y suddenly ask me to go to Midvalley instead, well, Midvalley has the biggest MPH, maybe can search for books there too.

Happy Saturday guys

**I lost my camera charger.......

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1st post in 2012

Happy new years (hope isn't too late)
1 more week, then will have my final report presentation; thesis now at ard 75% (havent checked by my supervisor yet) lab work and field study all done.
Social life? almost none.
Other life? Also almost none.
But, life is about enjoying things you like... so, fuck the mainstream!!! Muahahaha

2012 is a year to improve my spirituality, strengthened my mind and hopefully my financial status. After finish master... will I further my phD here in UPM serdang? I am still not pretty sure. Already entering 27.... but having a master is like alang-alang..... kekawan pun banyak yang sudah kahwin, have stable job..... hmmm..... hopefully I am investing right into my life. Well... like what I said......fuck the mainstream (again) muahahahaha.

Just realized ... according to my brother....... gay is pondan and pondan is gay.... wanna correct him... but dun dare, takut pecah rahsia.

Now how many of you make "survive 2012" as 1 of ur new year resolution? well, not me.