Saturday, July 28, 2012

The legends

Hmmm, olympic start today, fasting season started 1 week ago. My blog had been in hibernation mode for 4 months, really feel like a season long. Lots to say, but will say (share) it slowly, no rush (hahahahahaha)

Being alive is not just about still having a body that breath. As long you open your mind, you will find lots of meaning that is to exist along with life. Being alive, you can create a legacy, be a legend of your own making. Example, just like the opening ceremony that I watched, Sir Rowan Atkinson, in 50 years from now, mentioning rowan atkinson, now all will remember this name, but "Mr. Bean" will be known at every corner of the world for at least another century, just like Charlie Chaplin of the past. In Malaysia, we have P.Ramlee, another legendary figure whose film can still beat the modern movies.

Then there are clips of The Beatles and Queens (Freddie Mercury's band) in the opening ceremony. If the world are not changing, Freddy Mercury will still be hated by those haters (homophobic people). Talking about The Queens, also remind me of "The Queen" - Queen Elizabeth the second. She lived to see yet another Olympic game in the soil of England since the last one at 1948.

Well, legends are not just people who impressed/ inspired/ stunned people by their result, but most importantly they have 1 thing in common - the spirit of not giving up.  Talking about giving up... the news of those committing suicide does make me wondering.... is that really your last resort in life? If you don't give up, you still have  chances to make changes and who knows what kind of legendary story you can create in life?