Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 so far.....

Long time no see..... haih~
2 more weeks then the year will end.... Yay?
Well, this year had not been so nice.... at least to me lor..... 1 word to describe: Sickly...
Tonsilitis seems very common to me now....
Met Dr this morning and he said... my immune system is deteriorating... hahahaha
Come what may....
This Friday will go back to Sarawak, getting ready for X'mas.... Yeepee
However, 1 thg still worries me..... My master bila mahu habis wor....
Really wasted at least 1 year doing nothg.... mcb, kns
Now back to X'mas....
My mum seems to miss all of us....
I have this thought of going back home, don't do PhD first....
Dunno lar
Smartphone, got my first 1 this year for my birthday....
Stolen during August..... kns
Bought second 1 this month..... Ninetology Z1+
Hope it will stay long with me~
Mr S is attached! With someone else of cos, wish him all the happiness in the world
Hahaha, seeing other ppl happy, make me happy
Although some may not believe it....
Screw them, I laugh when I want, I sing when I want...
Hope for a better year for me next year, hahahahaha

Adieu for now


  1. Mr. S ? Who is that ? You need to have a recap blog updates, since it's been a while you blogged.


    1. Mr S is a fren :)
      I thk so too haha, haiz jus wanna check out if got the time to do so.

  2. merry Christmas to you, fellow gay borneon!