Wednesday, May 22, 2013


#Cleaning# Cleaning# Cleaning#

Have been taking a break from blogging for months now.
What to update? Hmmmmmm
1. Met with Mr Ash few weeks back. Omg, he is like a twin of mine..... As in.... we do share certain interest in you know - guys. And I noticed (I think he too) we will looked into the same type of guy. Dangerous...

2. Back into Magic The Gathering. After long periods of dramas.... (to be frank my drama although I thought it had ended long time ago, it will just resurfaced)... Had been 2 months now. Investing money into a hobby again ~.~ Nerdy life here I come.

3. Mr.S and I still contacting each other. Although nothing romantic blooms between us, but he is among rare people whom I think I can talked my heart out with. Sometimes, friendship is better than partnership. Don't you think?

4. Yohohoho, got my first Android smartphone last month (for my birthday) T_T.

5.What will you do to a person...... this 1 will be in another post.

Well anyway, just want to drop by to say "I am back (in Arnold's voice)"

Back to cleaning~


  1. MTG seems to be going down the drain these days.

    1. The last time I played was like 15 years ago. This time I came back into this hobby due to new format - commander format. But then the game still have its charm, now I returned to Standard. 5 versions ago, it started to flopped, but now many new faces resurfaced. hahahahaha, u played MTG too?

    2. I started at the end of the Tempest block going into Urza's block (probably the golden era for MTG). I don't like how the new mechanics force an unwanted metagame of tribalism. The old cards were more flexible and there were more variants of decks.

    3. Wow, that's almost the same time I started also. I stopped a year after that. A lot of new mechanics and rules changes. Pretty competitive from my point of view. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Cleaning the digital spider web lor. hahaha, how are you?

  3. what a surprise the drama got season 2...@.@