Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year

Hope it is not too late tho, still first week of new year mah. 

So I just came back from The Land of the Hornbill.
During the Xmas week, monsoon was strong. On the fifth day of xmas, it rain non-stop and my hometown was flooded. My house was rather low... but miraculously my house area was not flooded. Thx to all who called me asking abt my houses :3
Other places were flooded badly... first storey was totally invaded by water...

Now talking about celebrating new year.  My family was not really celebrating...... Only me kepoh-kepoh buying the food... doing barbecue etc.... haiz.... and I always thought of celebrating new year with them as if it is my last... instead..... the mood is gone. My younger brother and sister also... haiz...... left me alone with my parents.... (can't blame them lar, work and study ma)

Regarding the year's resolution. I only have 1 for the whole list:
1. Finishing the unfinished business. (Now thats a lot!!)

Looking back into last year..... It happened to be 1 of my worst year. Hope this year will do me good.... Haha. Cheerio.

Wonder if you guys watched his video. Troye Sivan is one of my favorite youtuber! He is kinda funny and cute and.... I can just feel the life force in him. hahahahahaha


  1. Replies
    1. Happy New Year to you too. I met most of the bloggers already, I hope I can meet you in person this year :)

  2. How old isTroye? Looks barely legal.

    1. He was born on 5th June 1995 and will be 19 this year and yeah, he is barely legal! I must say he is funny and very attractive!