Monday, April 3, 2017

Zombie say hi

 Zombie.... yay..... I think I am becoming  already became a zombie.
Yup, in the end I ended up engaged to this girl whom my family arranged for me. She is a good girl. 
I remembered what I told my best friend before.... only thing I can promise her is that she will be the only woman in my life. Of course I cant tell her if there not gonna be any more guys. 
But..... as i am getting older..... the libido isn't there anymore. Something wrong? Within these 3 years, do have some encounter, but end up..... not enjoying them...
Hmmmm.... as i said before... I surrender..... i am not gonna fight... not gonna resist.... not gonna do anything. I am a prisoner in my own mind and in the end I turned into zombie.
How it gonna end..... not ugly i hope........


  1. wait...are you a bisexual ? or you're forcing yourself for the expectations of others ? seriously, please don't screw up a girl's life